Acer gaming monitor 'G24'

With eye-catching dual-tone colors of black and orange, the Acer gaming monitor 'G24' features 50,000:1 ACM contrast. It adopts a 24-inch 1920x1200 widescreen for true 1080p playback, and supports 2ms rapid response time. Specs include the Acer CrystalBrite technology for 400-nit brightness, 160/160 viewing angle, multimedia connectivity, Acer eColor and eDisplay technologies and intuitive onscreen display controls. Of course it supports an Acer Green Product design

The G24 isnít just a silly little pretty face to display in your gaming office. Oh and did I say little? At 24 inch this LCD will show you even the tiniest details. And itís not silly either. This G24 is said to be the first monitor to offer a 50,000:1 dynamic contrast ratio. Well Iíd dare any gamer to tell me why I need 50,000:1 contrast. I am sure I donít but congrats Acer for being the first.

You get a maximum resolution of 1,920◊1,200, 2 ms response time, 400-nit brightness and some tools to prevent ambient light reflection. Turn it around and youíll see the DVI and the HDMI for game console or Blu-ray.

And I said pretty since it does look good. Still orange to match the Predator. And here comes the part we tell you we donít know squat about prices or release date while you fantasize about getting some action on a monitor like the G24.