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Old 29-05-2014
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GeForce GTX 780 vs Radeon R9 290

I am looking to buy new graphics card so I wanted to know which one among GeForce GTX 780 or Radeon R9 290 will be better. Which of these cards is best for the price? I will be using it mostly for gaming and editing videos so that I can upload it on youtube. Since the 780 card is at my maximum budget area so anything above this card cant be considered for my buying purpose. I will be also overclocking the card for more performance. Thanks for any help
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Old 30-05-2014
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Re: GeForce GTX 780 vs Radeon R9 290

I am using the GTX 780 video card and have found that my friends R9 290 card is about 20% slower in benchmarks for gaming after overclocking both the card to the maximum. So, you can see for yourself that the Radeon R9 290 video card is definitely slower. Depending on the game and the overclocking, the results between 290 and 780 will be a mixup, but due to the amd driver problems, I always consider nvidia cards above anything.
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Old 31-05-2014
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Re: GeForce GTX 780 vs Radeon R9 290

Yes, it really depends of the games that you will play on your system along with the type of CPU that you have, the resolution of the monitor and different settings. But unlike most of the time, you will notice that a 780 card will be slight faster than a 290 card. So, I would definitely suggest you to go with a 780 card and also get the best cooler in the market so that you can overclock it to the maximum clock speed to get a significant performance out of it.
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Old 02-06-2014
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Re: GeForce GTX 780 vs Radeon R9 290

Even I will recommend you to go with the GTX 780 graphics card. This card runs at very cool temperature despite any high overclocking done. Amd card use more electricity where else the 780 consumes less electricity. If you want to use multiple monitors then you might need 4gb of memory. So, if you want a good reliability and better efficiency then you should consider getting the GTX 780 video card. Also, the 780 card doesnt require more watts from the PSU compared to the 290 card.
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