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Thread: Is Evga GTX 465 graphics card discontinued?

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    Is Evga GTX 465 graphics card discontinued?

    I had purchased Evga GTX 465 some one year ago. Now I wanted to have another Evga GTX 465 so that I can connect them in SLI and play games on it. But when I went on the website of Evga to purchase the desired graphic card, I saw that Evga GTX 465 was not in the list. I search thoroughly but couldn’t find it. I wanted to know if Evga GTX 465 has been scraped out by Evga or is it not appearing because of some other reason, like unavailable at present or out of stock? Can somebody help me finding the mentioned graphic card?

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    Re: Is Evga GTX 465 graphics card discontinued?

    Actually if you ask any person who is an expert with good knowledge about hardware then first thing that he will tell you is that Evga GTX 465 and Evga GTX 470 are one and the same. The only difference is the name, price and problems. When Evga GTX 465 was released, Nvidia claimed it that it will be one of the most powerful graphic cards of its time. But when it was released, it turned out to be expensive for the features it provided. Also many people complained about its incompatibility with various motherboards and other hardware peripherals. Also it didn’t support many games. Some people also claimed that the output given by Evga GTX 465 was of poor quality. So in short, Evga GTX 465 was a failure and Nvidia immediately launched Evga GTX 470 after it. This new graphic card was same as Evga GTX 465, but the price was low, it had less compatibility issues and the output was as promised. But the processor and other parts that were used were all same as Evga GTX 465. Since we know that Evga GTX 465 had such a problem then maybe the demand for it must be less. SO chances are that Evga must have scraped it out.

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    Re: Is Evga GTX 465 graphics card discontinued?

    I checked the official website of Nvidia and GTX 465 exists on their website’s market place. But only three manufacturers and providing this graphic card, which are Galaxy, PNY and Zotac. I know to create a SLI you need to have graphic card from same brand, which I think is impossible in your case. Maybe you could try getting a second hand graphic card or used one for time being. You can also find GTX 465 on Gigabyte’s market place. Talking about stopping manufacturing a graphic card, it seems that along with Evga, even MSI and Asus have stopped manufacturing GTX 465.

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