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Thread: Safe voltage for Evga GTX 465

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    Safe voltage for Evga GTX 465

    This is my brand new graphic card. Evga GTX 465 I felt as the best card that would suite my system the most. Already I have sacrificed my previous GTX 465 due to my own carelessness. The previous card was not even a month old and it went bad, I am sure wrong voltage was the sole reason for the loss. I wasnít aware of its limitations and properties and simply went on increasing the voltage which resulted in corrupting the card. This time I wonít do such things until I make myself sure about the voltage and other necessary things. So please friends help me out and let me know what could be the appropriate voltage that I could set for my new Evga GTX 465? I havenít installed this card into my machine yet and I wonít, until I get a proper answer. I donít want to loose this card in any case.

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    Re: Safe voltage for Evga GTX 465

    Graphic cards are one of the most important component of a computer machine so therefore you should never take any risk with it no matter its regarding the installation or the voltage. Sometimes wrong steps can not just affect your card but also few other related hardware of your machine.

    Anyways 1.087 could be the max voltage that you can set in your card with a stock BIOS. Do not worry this voltage would be safer for your system. But make sure that you do it with the help of the Afterburner. However while setting the card the more you need to under consider is the temperature. Obviously you must know that the hardware of your machine stays cool if the internal temperature of the case is low, until and unless you manage to control your temperature your entire machine is going to suffer a lot with the high temperature.

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    Re: Safe voltage for Evga GTX 465

    Thanks for creating the thread. Even I have some related doubts and also I would like to share my experience with Evga GTX 465. I have two 465 and I have overclocked my processor to 4gbz and with this I am able to get about 28,000 vantage but however I am looking out for going over 30,000. The thing is that even at 4 GHz seems like my machine is facing lots of problem so therefore I directly dropped the process to 3.75 GHz. Felt that getting a cooling kit might do a trick and control the temperature rise. Actually I heard that these GTX 465 cards get heated up too quickly and when it comes to raising the voltage the condition seems to be getting worst. Other than the cooling kit getting a Zalman cooler might be a good option. At least it would help in doing a trick while the voltage is maxed. Without any precaution trying to max the voltage looks like affecting the system all the way.

    Now my question is what exactly I do, should I go for a cooling kit with a 240mm rad or I go with a Zalman coolers. Zalman cooler is no doubt one of the most efficient cooler that reduces the temperature and also reduces the noise. Most importantly I need to ask that whether having a 240mm rad will help me to maintain my processor and other two GTX 465 cards even if I overclock them to the max level.

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    Re: Safe voltage for Evga GTX 465

    You can go with either of them (a cooling kit or a Zalman cooler), both will help you to reduce and maintain your temperature. However during the time of summer its better to stay with an external cooler no matter which you buy, especially when you have overclocked. I personally prefer to downclock my processor during the time of summer as I know that the temperature of the external environment goes high and keep changing so itís better to be prepared by maintaining your system well with fewer loads.

    GTX 465 is well better than its other models like 460 but doesnít come in comparison with 470. If a card has been already defected or corrupted in a machine it is better to switch to some other model or brand instead of staying with the same. Or the best thing you could do is SLI the 465. I am not sure about the SLI concept but I think SLI proves to be the best in gaming. If not the same cards then you can also SLI with two different cards if I am not mistaken.

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