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Thread: Game performance is very poor with EVGA GTX 465

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    Game performance is very poor with EVGA GTX 465

    Does anyone else has noticed this. The moment that I have bought this graphic card I am seeing this issue, ever game is performing poorly with the EVGA GTX 465 which suppose to be the best card for gaming ever. It scored very low with all the test that I have taken, most of the game was running in so low FPS even on low setting. I have 8 GB of RAM with AMD PHENOM 9600 QUAD-CORE 2.3GHZ processor. What worse is in the utilization of CPU and the GPU option while playing any game I can see it is not even half a average. Is there someone else here who has same experience or am I doing something wrong because when I saw the review of this card it was like the best card ever. Please guys help me on this I would appreciate this.

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    Re: Game performance is very poor with EVGA GTX 465

    That really odd , I have the EVGA GTX 465 installed in my pc and every game is running very smoothly on it. I have played Modern Warfare 3 many time and its really runs smooth, the fact that the GTX 465 in the baseline clock frequency can actually compare to the Radeon HD 5830. Itís nice card to play the game with. The card has good potential for the overclocking . May be you got the faulty piece, just get it check with the vender from where you got it and see if you will get the replacement.

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    Re: Game performance is very poor with EVGA GTX 465

    Donít look like a problem with the card, since the GeForce GTX 465 is the most powerful DirectX 11 graphics card. It wonít be compatible with the CPU that you have in the. I mean the AMD 9600 is bit a old processor with the speed of 2.3GHz. I would be recommend you to overclock it to 3GHz but not over that.

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