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Thread: After installing Asus HD7870 DirectCUII, getting NO Post

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    After installing Asus HD7870 DirectCUII, getting NO Post

    Seems like this brand new Asus Radeon HD7870 DirectCUII 2GB graphic card doesnít seem to be playing any kind of trick for me. I am suffering from a post issue from past one month and believing that the Radeon HD7870 might help in some way I simply bought it for my system. the first thing I noticed when I turned on my system after installing this newly bought graphic card was a hardlocked system with clear display during the Post, other than this I was actually displayed with an error code 62. This code was displayed for a long period of time on the motherboard until I turned off the machine. I was really confused with the issue but I didnít give up easily, I kept on searching for a solution and finally got the problem fixed partially.

    I mean to say that after I tried to reinstall the graphic card and also after the installation I reset the CMOS and then when I booted the machine it started safe with successful Post. but however there were still no display even after the complete Post, thatís the reason I said that I got partially solved. I am really fed up of trying out countless solutions with no proper result and now I have decided to come up here and post and share my problem with you all, at least there might be someone who could understand my issue and suggest me with some proper suggestion. Please guys help me, if you need any further information just let me know.

    I would try my best in providing all the necessary information that would turns out to a positive result.

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    Re: After installing Asus HD7870 DirectCUII, getting NO Post

    Hey friends I do feel really sorry for your issue; I guess I am the one who can understand your problem very well because I am at the same position where you are existing, I do have this much similar problem with my new Asus Radeon HD7870 directCUII card installation. I personally believed that the issue was with either the port or the cable connection as I somehow managed to get the post but however failing with the display.

    After trying out multiple times I simply decided to get a new DVI-HDMI cable and along with that I also got my graphic to the same retailer shop from where I bought. When I told them my problem first they denied the issue being exist within the card so therefore I forced them to test the card into any of their system. They agreed and tried the card into their own system and surprisingly the card worked well into their system without giving any kind of trouble. Not just their machine turned on successfully but also it started the driver installation automatically.

    After proving card clear with no such problem they suggested me to try out a new power supply, they said that there might be chances that the power supply installed into my system is faulty and maybe changing it with a new one would work. If in case the new power supply even doesnít resolve the issue then the only thing left with me is to replace and check the motherboard. I am really worried with the motherboard; do not want my motherboard to be found the main culprit. Anyways first I would try out replacing the power supply with a new one. I would suggest you to try out the same if you find this suggestion sensible and really interesting. If trying, just let me know whatís happening in your case.

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    Re: After installing Asus HD7870 DirectCUII, getting NO Post

    Thanks for your suggestion but I guess nothing in this world is going to solve my issue.

    As according to your suggestion I replaced the power supply unit but even then nothing changed, I am still facing the same trouble. Before replacing the power supply I had OCZ ModXStream Pro700 installed into my machine and let me tell you that it didnít have any problem with the system at all as far as I know but just to give your suggestion I try I simply replaced this power supply with a new Seasonic M12II Bronze 620. I kept this Unit outside the case for more comfortable function but the result was negative. I turned on the machine and still there was no display. Now I believed that I would try replacing each and every individual possible thing within the machine and give the machine a try with a new one.

    First I tried with the DVI-HDMI cable (after the graphic card it was the DVI cable that I doubted the most), sometimes it happens that video or the display from the monitor completely goes off just because of the faulty or loose cable cord connection. But even after changing the cord there was still no display. Every time I tried out a new suggestion or a trick and if I got a negative result I used to get more worried and tensed. Lastly the only replacement left with me was the motherboard and the processor.

    I didnít thought twice, simply replaced my ASRock P67 Pro3 with the one which I was already having i.e. ASRock H55DE3 and the processor was replaced with the Core i7 870. Believing that installing this graphic card into this properly working motherboard would surely work I attached the card but sadly there was still no display. Now this was the moment where I was totally blank and i was also left with no option left to carry on with the problem.

    Now suggest me with something, I am completely lost and have nothing to say more. What you could suggest me now? I guess only miracles can help me out. Is there anything that is still left for me to do, come on let me know I will try it out?

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    Re: After installing Asus HD7870 DirectCUII, getting NO Post

    My dear friend, just replacing the things all the time definitely wonít solve your issue. You should have taken a proper care while installing that graphic card into your machine. Always remember there are certain things that are surely to be considered and noted down whenever you try to install any card into your system. Here are the important that you always prefer while the installation:
    1. While installing a new graphic card in place of some other already existing card you should make sure that first the existing card should be properly uninstalled. However improper uninstallation and directly installing a new card shouldnít affect the Post but however it is a good practice to always uninstall the drive before you replace it with the other one.
    2. Then after you have fixed and installed the card always recheck and verify that the card is properly placed and fixed, along with that also make sure that both the power connections are plugged in properly

    However if you have already checked these entire thing then follow what I suggestion. Do not worry there is anything to be replaced, you just have to see to it that you unplug all the things including hardware that are nowhere necessary for your system. Hardware like CD drives, RAM, sound cards and other related things. For RAM: only you have to unplug or uninstall the extra RAM and not the main RAM, it is absolutely fine to keep only one RAM installed into your machine. I am not sure but there might be some sort of problem or conflict due to this extra hardware.

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    Re: After installing Asus HD7870 DirectCUII, getting NO Post

    I do really agree with the above suggestion and solution, you should definitely try them out. Other than the ones that have suggested above you can also try out switching the PCI E power cable within the ports and then also check out for any kind of damage with the pins on the cable. I donít think thereís anything to do with such things but you can give them a try for your convenience.

    Other than this, also try to use a HDMI cable instead of using a DVI-HDMI converter and if you doubt the current existing one. If in case you have a 560 TI then I would suggest you to give it a try and check whether things are working fine with it or not.

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