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Thread: Yellow tinted screen on 21 and 27inch iMacs

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    Yellow tinted screen on 21 and 27inch iMacs

    Two year back, the apple had fallen into serious issues on iMacs. Users were reporting that they are noticing annoying yellow tinge over the iMac screen. However the issue was not visible on all iMacs. The affected iMacs were 2011 27" and 21íí. From that day, there were quite few articles, threads and other boards discussing about the same about re-producing the issue and post the result back to the manufacturer so that they can effectively find a solution and rectify the issue as soon as possible. Is there any who is still experiencing is the same?

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    Re: Yellow tinted screen on 21 and 27inch iMacs

    I think that we are only talking about the mid-2011 iMacs with 27 inch screen and not about the latest iMacs. It is quite unusual that apple yet did not find a final solution for the color inconsistency on iMac screens and I donít think that it will be solved now since it has already released a patch few 2 years back. It was a firmware patch. The issues noticed at that time were Yellow tint, uneven brightness, light-leaks etc and even that in all new models of same range. There is no replacement at all and apple had only promised to fix it via BIOS update. Donít assume that you will get everything under the warranty support.

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    Re: Yellow tinted screen on 21 and 27inch iMacs

    iMac with 27-inch screen had involved in several issues and major one was a display issue. I think that that was the first time where Apple released the iMacs with 27inch screen because the previous ones were 21 inch only. Some says that they have experienced the flickering problem and some says that there is yellow tint. The first firmware patch which was intended to resolve this problem actually dont do anything instead of simply correcting color combinations.

    The first firmware patch was out in December 2011 and it was named as iMac Graphics Firmware Update 1.0 and then 2 months later, there was a second firmware fix called iMac Display Firmware Update 1.0. Both patches finally could not able to fix the issue.

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    Re: Yellow tinted screen on 21 and 27inch iMacs

    2 years back I have also noticed the same problem on my iMac where screen getting very odd and display appearing very poor. No matter what setting I use there was no decrement in yellow tint at all. I tried various setting but none them completely solved the issue. You cannot notice the yellow tint at fraction of second. To actually notice this thing you have to open any window like browser or any application and resize it manually by using the mouse pointer. Move it up and down or make it full screen and then drag it to the middle.

    Repeat the process few times and you will start noticing yellow tinge over the screen. Actually the firmware patch was not useful but I got it repaired by sending the iMac to AppleCare center. I donít know whether they have really replaced something or not but fortunately everything is fine now. AppleCare program was very useful for me at that time.

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