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Thread: Improper thermal behavior by MSI GTX 560 TI Hawk

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    Improper thermal behavior by MSI GTX 560 TI Hawk

    I recently got myself two MSI GTX 560 TI Hawk graphic cards. I am using it for past one week and I am experiencing a problem regarding the heat it is generating. The main purpose of the graphic card for me is for gaming. I play heavy games like Rage and Mass Effect 3. When I am running the game on full resolution and full graphics detail like Anti-aliasing and VSync raised to its full values. After starting the game, for around fifteen minutes the temperature remains stable on 60 degree Celsius. It is normal to have temperature of 60 degree Celsius while gaming, but after 15 minutes, the temperature goes up to 75 degree Celsius. I ignored it completely and kept playing for another half an hour and then I saw that temperature had risen up to 93 degree Celsius. I have increased the speed of my fan to make it run at full speed, but still no difference has been noticed. I tried downclocking my graphic card to see if it was due to over voltage consumption that caused these problems, but it only increased the time which required for the temperature to rise in the graphic card. I am satisfied by the quality of the graphics that the graphic card provides and also satisfied by its performance. Can someone tell me why the temperature is rising so high and can it be solved?

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    Re: Improper thermal behavior by MSI GTX 560 TI Hawk

    Are you connecting the graphic card to your monitor using the VGA connector? This graphic card is meant for high end performance and graphics. VGA connection doesnít do full justice to this features. To give the same amount of quality and features on the monitor using the VGA connection, it becomes difficult for the graphic card. That is why it consumes a large amount of power for the processing speed and thus releases a large amount of heat. This problem isnít just caused by VGA connector alone, but also the VGA graphic drivers that are used in MSI GTX 560 TI Hawk are responsible. These graphic drivers lack the functions to control the increase in power consumption and voltage distribution. You can download these new graphic drivers from official website of MSI and install them on your system. I recommend you to completely uninstall the existing VGA graphic drivers from your computer and do a fresh installation of new graphic drivers. You can try connecting the graphic card using the HDMI port as it might be more suitable for working as compared to VGA connection.

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