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Thread: DELL E193FP monitor only showing blank screen when booted

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    DELL E193FP monitor only showing blank screen when booted

    Today I have rebooted my computer because some programs get freeze and I had to forcefully reboot the system by using the restart button on the CPU case. When the system boots up, nothing showed on the screen. The monitor light was blinking as well as the CPU LED. I can hear fans running. Then I pressed the button on the monitor and it shown me a message” in power save mode. Press any key on keyboard or move mouse." I did try that but still it is showing blank screen. I have disconnected the wire from the computer and monitor shows a dell icon box with colors floating around the screen. If I connect the monitor to the motherboard, it is completely blank. I have even tried with the different monitor and still the same case.

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    Re: DELL E193FP monitor only showing blank screen when booted

    The floating color thing appearing on your monitor when it is disconnected is the monitor STFC (Self-Test Feature Check). It indicates that your monitor is good and working correctly. So there is no need to worry about your monitor. Now you have to check the cable which is connected the monitor and the motherboard. See if gets damaged. Try with different VGA cable. If you have dedicated video card, try by connecting to it.

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    Re: DELL E193FP monitor only showing blank screen when booted

    Which is your system specification exactly?
    • Do have something on your motherboard are leads as the message
    • Have you tried doing a CMOS clear, jumper or switch on your MOBO with JBAT as text there.
    • Have all power plugs connected to the motherboard?
    • Remove all loose hardware once (HD, Floppy, DVD, Sound Card, etc) and start it up.
    • Look under your motherboard or all buses and make sure that they are good, maybe closure.
    • Try an old PCI video card in your system stick to test your system image.

    It seems that you have a faulty motherboard?

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    Re: DELL E193FP monitor only showing blank screen when booted

    If the monitor remains dark, even though the PC is running, there are two possible causes: There is something wrong in the lines of screen or the PC is completely blocked. First, check all connections starting from the monitor to the graphics card. Before you twist, however, to take a look behind the picture tube, check to see if the pilot light is burning on the housing front. This is not the case, the solution is obvious: the device loses power. Check the power supply and check to see that all connectors are plugged. If necessary, you can try it with a second power cable. If the light glows and the focusing screen is matte, does the signal from the PC cannot succeed. This may be due to loose connections. Check to see if the connectors to the monitor and graphics card are properly seated. A simple visual inspection is sufficient but still check for the tightness of the adapter. If the image flickers briefly then it is probably a loose connection. In this case, you should replace the pipes. If this action does not help, open the PC and see if the graphics card is seated properly. Try to gently press the card into its holder, but never turn to violence! If still nothing works now, the cause may incorrectly installed or improperly fixed RAM modules are located. Press the memory module carefully into your brackets and see if the memory modules are properly seated in their holders. If needed, swap them and then try to boot.

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    Re: DELL E193FP monitor only showing blank screen when booted

    I barely assume that there is a problem with the graphics card driver. In this case, start Windows in Safe Mode (press F8 before Windows starts, here is just loaded the VGA driver) and in the device manager uninstall the video card driver. Then restart Windows. Windows will incorporate the correct driver and it is done usually automatic. Take out the power from the PC, take out the video card and reseat. Make sure that it is properly fit. If still issue exists, I assume that your motherboard is gone off. Check for burned capacitors or burned marks over the motherboard. If you find any, definitely you will need a replacement.

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    Re: DELL E193FP monitor only showing blank screen when booted

    The cause may be varied. This may be due to the graphics card, the power supply or to a component (e.g. South Bridge) located on the motherboard. Powerful graphics cards require an additional power supply. This should be checked if the power plug firmly into the power socket on the graphics card is inserted. On this occasion should be tested regardless of whether the video card is firmly seated in its slot. As the South Bridge is responsible not only for the graphics card, but also for the USB ports, it's worth a try, disconnect all USB devices (except maybe a USB mouse and keyboard) to the computer. If the problem still further, we recommend a BIOS reset. If the screen still black after the reset, it can only be attempted with a different graphics card or any other power supply. If there are no replacements for the tentative exchange available, it is advisable to avoid any unnecessary acquisitions to bring the computer to a computer dealer, who can then check the computer.

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