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Thread: Dell ST2220t touch screen driver

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    Dell ST2220t touch screen driver

    I have purchased the Dell ST2220t and it is really nice configuration. Recently I install new windows Xp because some viruses are entered. I am not happy with the touch screen provided. I download the XP driver from Dell driver download site. But there is no driver in the zip file. Does anyone know how can I install the XP driver for the ST2220t touch screen monitor?

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    Re: Dell ST2220t touch screen driver

    You cannot directly install the driver from the downloaded file. To install the driver follow the steps. When you double click on the file it will get extracted to C:\Dell\Drivers\R281165\
    Open Device Manager.
    Select Monitors
    Double click on the monitor listed
    Select on the Driver tab
    Select the Update Driver button
    Select No, not at this time
    Select Next
    Don't install the driver from a list or specific location
    Select Next
    Select donít search. I will choose the driver to install
    Select Next
    Select Have Disk
    Select Browse and navigate to C:\Dell\Drivers\R281165\
    Select the monitor inf file
    Select Open
    Select OK
    Select Next
    Select Finish to completing the download.

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    Re: Dell ST2220t touch screen driver

    First of all you need to download the DELL_ST2220T-TOUCH-MONITOR_A00-00_R281165.exe file from this link. After that open the device manager and then click on the icon left of monitors. Now double click the monitor listed and then click the driver tab. After that click update driver button and then click no and click next and then select install it from a list or specific list and then choose the .exe file where you have saved it and proceed with the installation.

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    Re: Dell ST2220t touch screen driver

    I just checked out the manual of Dell ST2220t monitor and it seems that it supports native Windows 7 multi touch which is plug and play. It also supports single touch in Vista and there is no need to install the touch screen driver. You can find the touch screen driver for Vista in the CD only that is provided with the monitor. For Windows XP you can try to download and install the driver that is given in the above reply but I dont know if it works for XP OS.

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