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Thread: Advantage of getting GTX 680 FTW 4gb over 2gb?

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    Advantage of getting GTX 680 FTW 4gb over 2gb?

    Earlier I was having the GTX 580 but now I am planning to get GTX 680. Currently, I am having game at 192x1080 and I want to ask that what are the benefits and improvement that I will get if I go for 4gb over the 2gb. I have read this somewhere that the 4gb card is just for the resolutions higher as compared to the 1920x1080. I found that the card is having 8 phase pwm and you know that what it means by that and what are the benefits that it will take to table over the GTX 580 SC 5 phase. I wish that I could get some suggestion from the people over here. So if you have some suggestion for me then please let me know that. I really need some good suggestion at this point of time. Please reply ASAP.

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    Re: Advantage of getting GTX 680 FTW 4gb over 2gb?

    I think that it is going to be better with 2GB at that resolution. If there is additional PWM then that must allow for the higher overclock and this is because voltage is more stable. In the category of GeForce GTX 680 SuperClocked, the manufacturer will launch no less than five cards:
    • GTX 680 SuperClocked
    • GTX 680 backplate with SuperClocked
    • GTX 680 SuperClocked Signature
    • GTX 680 backplate with SuperClocked Signature
    • GTX 680 Signature 2 SuperClocked

    There is No change against the side of the cooler which incorporates the one proposed by the reference cards. Note that the second card has more of a back plate supposed to improve a little in cooling performance.

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    Re: Advantage of getting GTX 680 FTW 4gb over 2gb?

    Models and SuperClocked SuperClocked with backplate will have frequencies higher than the versions Signature namely, turbo up with 1058Mhz 1113Mhz 1006Mhz cons for references for the GPU and 1552Mhz to 1502Mhz memory against memory versions for references. All these releases will have 2GB of DDR5. Versions it will backplate as their name indicates a cooling plate supposed to improve maps. The power supply requires a PCIe 6-pin and one 8-pin connector. Also note the increase in the power stage, which now has 5 phases PWM for 4 against the unmodified version and comes with a difference in design.

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