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Thread: Is it worth to wait for GTX 690 Hydro Copper?

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    Is it worth to wait for GTX 690 Hydro Copper?

    I am really excited that how EVGA will design the Hydro Copper version for the GTX 690. I am posting here to know that if this really worth to wait for GTX 690 Hydro Copper or what. What are the new things that we will get along with this? There are many of the rumors who are spreading different different news for this and making people confuse. So I am starting a new thread over here to collect some information on this from the people over here. So, if you are having any useful information that you can share with us then please post back here. I will be appreciating all the replies for this. Thank you so much in advance for reading and replying to this thread.

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    Re: Is it worth to wait for GTX 690 Hydro Copper?

    Nvidia GeForce GTX 680 GPU-based GK104 with the cooling system Hydro Copper waterblock for water pre-installed. Such cooling reduces the temperature up to 50% compared to the reference model. The EVGA GeForce GTX 680 Hydro Copper is optimized for overclocking and this is thanks to its cooling system and its 5 phases PWM VRM that is powered by two connectors 8 and 6 pin. This is a new video card based on Kepler GK104 graphics chip that is characterized by the waterblock preinstalled. According to the company the cooling system helps to reduce the operating temperature up to 50%, but as the Nvidia reaches acceptable air temperatures.

    This follows the standard and the Superclocked. In addition to the cooling system there is a voltage regulator PWM five stages and two connectors for the auxiliary power supply of eight and six-pin, against the standard design with two six-pin connectors.

    The EVGA GTX 680 Hydro Copper is sold with a frequency higher than the normal that is 1150 MHz and 1215 MHz in the basic GPU Boost. This can be further increased with the software Precision X. The same goes for memory as this card is set to 6300 MHz. The reference frequencies are 1006 (base), 1058 (GPU Boost) and 6008MHz.

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    Re: Is it worth to wait for GTX 690 Hydro Copper?

    There are some small changes in this GTX 680 that consists of a supply circuit of 5-phase PWM clocking specially optimized for that is supported on two power supply connectors and 8-pins 6-pins, contrary to the reference you only have two 6-pin connectors. Thus, the GPU can work from 1150MHz to 1215Mhz (with Boost), and memory up to 6300Mhz. The GTX 680 Hydro Copper is priced at USD $ 699.99, while the water block can be sold individually at $ 159.99. This is made on a custom PCB design and a 5-phase VRM, feeding for PCI Express connectors 8 +6 pin for energy. On the other hand, comes with 2GB of GDDR5 memory running at 6300MHz, while the GPU is factory overclocked to 1150MHz up to 1215MHz scalable when the card is under load through the NVIDIA GPU Boost technology. This compares to the GTX 1006MHz base 680 of reference given by NVIDIA graphics chip.

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    Re: Is it worth to wait for GTX 690 Hydro Copper?

    EVGA has launched today two graphics cards GeForce GTX 690: the GTX 690 reference design (04G-P4-2690-KR), and the GTX 690 Signature Edition (04G-P4-2692-KR). The EVGA GeForce GTX 690 comes with a price of 999.99 USD. It makes use of a reference design and a frequency of 915/1019/6008 MHz (core / boost / memory).

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