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Thread: Graphics card for Dell PowerEdge T310

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    Graphics card for Dell PowerEdge T310

    Hello friends, I was thinking to add graphics card to Dell PowerEdge T310 tower server, I would like to know that is there anyone who have added a graphics card to this system or not? If they have added then which one they have gone and reason for it? Please do tell me, I also wanted to have but not knowing for which one I should go for. Please help me out and do suggest me. Thank you.

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    Re: Graphics card for Dell PowerEdge T310

    I am using the ATI Radeon™ HD 2400 which is working very much proper and it was already there with this system. Whereas it is having some of the feature-rich upgrade which are having better and good graphics which give you better look and it is compatible with all those games supports DirectX 10 and if you try to watch any HD video you might be able to get good clarity with this graphics. I also use this card to connect home television with HDMI, if you are having 5.1 surround sound systems which is connected to your TV then can experience all the Blu-ray and High definition movies on TV. If you are going for this card then you will be getting a ATI Catalyst graphics configuration software with the help of it who can do some setup very much easy and if running it on windows vista then it will be very much stable and proper.

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    Re: Graphics card for Dell PowerEdge T310

    If you wanted to use the graphics card then I would suggest that you better use the Geforce 9500GT, which will be compatible with your system as it is having slot and it will be much supported to your system. If wanted to have better gaming experience then this card will be best, but select 1 GB which will be proper and also minimum, even it will be giving you a good quality of video. This card is supported on DirectX 10 and also on OpenGL 2.1 which will be making the effect of gaming better then what it was showing up. There are plenty of users who are using this card on T310 system and there has been no problem. There is one more point which I would like to add that it is having dual-link DVI outputs, so when you connect it with your monitor then you will be experience sharp, vivid images and text. There are couples of video on YouTube which users have played game on this card which appears to be natural and real which is due to the NVIDIA SLI Ready and PhysX technology. I would again suggest that you better go for it which will be good and better option for you.

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    Re: Graphics card for Dell PowerEdge T310

    Even you use the ATI Radeon HD 3400 card which is also compatible, I am using it and would like to tell something about this card. If you are using this card then it works very much proper with help of cooling solution. But that also varies that which one you are using it, but getting very much low temperature then it is not helpful for you. It is also having the ATI Hybrid Graphics technology which is helping a lot to boos the graphics card. I would suggest that using this card then better setup Hybrid CrossFire. When you will be doing the setting that it will be running in low profile, not getting hot and also it can handle 1080p video perfectly. There is some other graphics card which does have better output then this one, if you go for XFX, Asus, Sapphire and many more which does support HDMI outputs where this card is not having it. One thing which I do not like that Catalyst software shell which is included in Windows Vista, is not at all good to me. The drivers which arrive with card does create problem sometime, but those are minor one which can be ignored. But I would suggest that when installed the card on to your system then download drivers from AMD/ATI website, which will be latest and also better one.

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