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Thread: HD graphics card are better than onboard graphics?

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    HD graphics card are better than onboard graphics?

    Hello friends, I was thinking to purchase a HD graphics card for my computer, as many people have suggested me to use for video editing, so I would like to know if I use decent HD graphics card will it be beneficial over onboard graphics. Did heard something about it that when using HD graphics card then it free up RAM and also there is increase in CPU performance also. Many people go for HD graphics card to play games, but I would personally want for video editing. Using a Dell Optiplex 755 SFF computer and one of friend has suggested using 2GB Radeon HD5450 card on my specification. Below is my specification and even below is link of my system.
    • Dell Optiplex 755 SFF
    • Stock Mobo
    • Intel Q6600 2.4 GHz (SLACR, G0 Stepping)
    • 4GB DDR2 RAM (bout to upgrade to 8)
    • Windows 7 HP 64 Bit
    • 1.0 TB WD Caviar Black SATA HD.

    DELL optipLEx 755

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    Re: HD graphics card are better than onboard graphics?

    I would like to tell that computer which you are using is not at all worth and if you try to work video then you will be able to lack in that, so I would say that check it properly and go ahead. If you are thinking to add a new graphics card then for sure it will make some space on RAM, such that space which is used by onboard graphics will be removed and can use it once you have on-board video is disabled. There are plenty of cased where you will be able to find increase in capabilities away from on-board , such that you will be having basic or OEM requirements match. I would like to recommend you to check some graphics cards and their reviews, to see how good it is to work. Even find out is there any need to replace PSU for required needs and it lets not exclude cooling as well. If you do all these things then it will be best for new video card so that you can continue using it and it give you less problems when using it. If you are going for demanding video cards then you need to have a better specification, which is must then only you will be able to get a better output. Do not try to avoid it, such that if you get a higher end card and use on your system, then it will be working proper for sometime after few months you will be getting problem with it, so do not avoid it.

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    Re: HD graphics card are better than onboard graphics?

    If you are adding additional graphics card then it be making some space on RAM. If you have used graphics in earlier years then it was making lot of difference, but if you checked it out at present then it create plenty of support calls sue to which you will see that many machines are not having onboard video ram, such that they do not release any of them. There are few BIOS which will be allowing you to reduce it but tendency is away from such for a very simple cause. People who do not wanted to make changes in their machines. I would suggest you to check out ATI Radeon HD 5450 which is really good and it is best solution for all those machines which are having 2GB DDR2 RAM. If you wanted to have a faster one then have a 1GB DDR3 card, there are plenty of games which are working fine with 1GB, not know about video editing programs, as I play game and now what is best for it, even there are cards which require to have higher specification then those one will be running very badly over it.

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