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Thread: Want to attach 2 monitors to laptop using Nvidia Optimus

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    Want to attach 2 monitors to laptop using Nvidia Optimus

    I am currently using a Lenovo T410 Laptop which has an Nvidia graphic card using Optimus technology. I also have two monitors from my old computer at my home which I want to connect to my laptop. One of the monitors has VGA connector and other has DVI with a DisplayPort Adapter. I want to have three monitors also that I can keep three different processes or activities running in three different screens. I have tried getting such output but failed many times. I tried various Intelís graphic drivers and many Nvidia graphic drivers, but failed to achieve the three monitor display. I have also tried editing certain settings in BIOS but still the monitors donít show any picture. Can anybody help me In getting proper output in all three monitors?

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    Re: Want to attach 2 monitors to laptop using Nvidia Optimus

    It is a well known issue that Nvidia chips which are Optimus enabled run only two monitors at a time. It doesnít provide functionality to have more monitors. You can use monitors in collaboration with Intelís default processor. You will need to integrate the Intelís chip and Nvidiaís chip to make the three monitors work together. I canít guarantee if your laptop is compatible to work in such configuration, but this type of configuration works on desktop PC.

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    Re: Want to attach 2 monitors to laptop using Nvidia Optimus

    You can also ask the vendor who sells computer peripherals for multiple display output adapters for DVI connection. It is a small device that can be attached in the DVI port of your laptop and then you can attach multiple monitors to it using the extra ports that will be available on it. The main advantage of this is that you can support multiple displays. But since it will share only one graphic processor, it wonít give full functionality. This is due to resources being shared out of single graphic processor. You may notice that monitors wonít display full resolution or wonít support high resolution images and videos. Also you will notice that graphic card will be exerting to keep up with rendering frames on three monitors simultaneously. This might lead to generation of more than usual noise from your laptop. Since your monitors have different types of connectors, the quality of the output put may vary in all the monitors.

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