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Thread: AMD Eyefinity Portrait Setup with 3 monitors at 120Hz

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    AMD Eyefinity Portrait Setup with 3 monitors at 120Hz

    Recently I have configured a three 30" inch monitors in a portrait mode and it was overwhelming. I was not looking for it run at 60HZ. I want to run this setup at 120Hz with smoothness and with high resolution. After several hours of custom work, I finally managed to it setup with AMD Eyefinity. I have noticed slight variation in viewing angle and seems like they are restricted. It is can be quite viewable on dark images.
    • Pros: I have got smoothness with 120Hz, thin bezels, glossy panels, LED low power/low temperature, high-resolution.
    • Cons: Viewing angles looks quite different in some cases but could be better.

    What you are thinking about this setup? Could it be better? I am looking forward to run Battle Field 3 and Guild Wars 2 on this display.

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    Re: AMD Eyefinity Portrait Setup with 3 monitors at 120Hz

    What is your system configuration?

    You have done a very good setup with AMD Eyefinity and even in portrait mode. I hope that you are using High end monitors for this configuration. Make sure that you are using the same brand and same model monitors for your setup. If you are using a 1 different monitor among 3, in that case you will surely notice a slight difference and variation in viewing angles. Also make sure that your Graphics card is capable to handle all 3 monitors in a same way. Also check the connections over it. If you have used different different connections, then also difference can be seen on the monitor. So it would be better if you make all connections on the HDMI only.

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    Re: AMD Eyefinity Portrait Setup with 3 monitors at 120Hz

    In portrait mode is that most games are fine with 3x1 to right (the aspect ratio is very close to 16:9). While most games in landscape and do not want to accept the resolution with only tweaks. When I go to 5x1 so I have nearly the visual field as in the 3x1 Landscape, but a more favorable aspect ratio, since a higher vertical resolution available. I can also switch by default in the driver and between 3x1 and 5x1, and thus in the worst case, quickly switch back to 3 monitors. For 3x2 Landscape I can only go on 3x1, but as I said what cannot be used frequently.

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    Re: AMD Eyefinity Portrait Setup with 3 monitors at 120Hz

    Does anyone know way identical desktops on two monitors with different resolutions to achieve? My old GeForce 4400 card could do, but I get the function is not to talk with my radeon 5750. The only options are extend and clone, but something like dual view seems to be missing. I've just tried the demo UltraMon, but that was also not helpful. Three identical desktops with all three of the resolution would be even better, but anyway I have another active adapter

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    Re: AMD Eyefinity Portrait Setup with 3 monitors at 120Hz

    The Eyefinity of ATI allows to set up 24 pc monitors in clone mode is set either an "extended", under certain conditions. For besides that it's still three monitors within a reasonable budget but for many applications, 6 monitors give a big edge in the middle which is detrimental to immersion. Then the resolution, so that Eyefinity works is imperative to the same resolution on 3 monitors. So we'll have three great choices:
    • 1680 * 1050 for the 20/23 inches
    • 1900 * 1000 for the 22-28
    • 1900 * 1200 for the 22-28

    In terms of display quality to play / work, the best intentions will be of 1680 * 1050 * 1200 and 1900 given that the graphics card will handle with greater fluidity of 1680 * 1050 rather that of 1920 * 1200 for large-type FPS.

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    Re: AMD Eyefinity Portrait Setup with 3 monitors at 120Hz

    The video card seems at this time therefore too far ahead of its time. Hopefully AMD remains committed to multi-monitor gaming, and the HD 5870 Eyefinity 6 ever proves useful. We keep it on a provisional basis, however Eyefinity arrangement of three screens. That's first affordable, so there are 175 Euros for all 21.5 "screens with a display port connection. Second, a 3x1 arrangement not immense space, especially when the scenes are put into portrait mode. The third and final advantage is that the somewhat modest resolution: 5760x1080 for a regular HD 5870, or rather for two HD 5850's, a viable option.

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    Re: AMD Eyefinity Portrait Setup with 3 monitors at 120Hz

    I have here 4 monitors in portrait mode next to each run. That is very difficult with first person shooters (other matters without problems). But for such games you could very well switch back to 3 monitors. The crosshair is just in the middle monitor. The portrait mode you will have a very good vertical resolution. I use it for business websites and now suddenly fit the screen without scrolling. For me it's more the magnified field of view that appeals to me, more than you seem really into the game down. You need to have almost an Eyefinity 3x1 setup, with a single large monitor you will not. These edges are indeed unfortunate, but until there is an ultra-wide screen on that must be taken for granted.

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    Re: AMD Eyefinity Portrait Setup with 3 monitors at 120Hz

    I would like to see is the development of its three-screen option. You have a main screen, I would give the greatest possible resolution of 2560 x 1600 and 1080 over two screens on either side for additional information such as a map / route, inventory, hud, rearview screen, etc. and be able to show that Also in the game to process that you have such options in addition to the main screen can open. It is also great to then be able to apply any multitasking with msn, internet, and other information about e.g. the CPU, GPU, temps etc on one of the screens open at a time.

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