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Thread: Help to setup and distribute Sky TV setup in new house

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    Help to setup and distribute Sky TV setup in new house

    I need help to create a kind of wire-frame to setup and distribute a Sky setup in the entire house. See what I have. I have a dish connectivity. Along with this I have a devices communicate with each other through hdmi port. I had seen a number of documents which provides information on connectivity and other setup. I had found that going for a better connectivity it is better to use Cat5/6 cable. I had a network setup at my home running on Windows Server. Now if I want to have a single Sky setup shared on entire house what should I do. I have 3 TVs connected in different room along with a small one at the entrance. I cannot go for a new connection for each and every tv which will be high cost monthly. At start the cable guy told me to use a replicator type tool which gave me the same connectivity on two different TV. But I want the same on more Tv sets. The only chance I have now is via media server. So that I have a PlayStation also.

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    Re: Help to setup and distribute Sky TV setup in new house

    I am not sure about the TV setup, but you can do that via media server. You can use PlayStation to setup a media server. I do not know that if PlayStation is capable of streaming a satellite tv via media server. What I know that you can copy or download the programs in ps3 and every tv can stream the content via PlayStation setup. There number of free media server program. And if you are on Windows you can use Windows Media Center also. Right-now a much better version for setting up home theater system is Xbox 360. It has many options. Other than this you can go and purchase a dedicated device which can act as a media server for your home.

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    Re: Help to setup and distribute Sky TV setup in new house

    There are option. I think you can do that all you need is to check that how it works. For that you will have to configure the Sky setup on a media server system. So that it can stream the content to other TVs. But one doubt in my mind is that will the user be able to access all channels. This is not a right solution according to me. What you are trying to do is share a single Sky setup on multiple tvs in different room. This is a bit complicated process. I had seen the cable guys itself offer you some tool which is capable of doing this. Even if you stream the video then only a common program will run on all the tvs. Users do not have a right to change channel or view their favorite program.

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    Re: Help to setup and distribute Sky TV setup in new house

    I have a solution for that. There is a tool which is called as wifi sender. This tool is connected to the set top box or disk tv. It sends wireless signals of the program actively running on the TV. The only issue of all this tools that you cannot have full access to the channels. You cannot change or record the same on other Tv. I will recommend you to talk to your cable guy and ask him a multi user pack. That will be more helpful.

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