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Thread: After configuring AMD Radeon HD 7690M XT in dual mode the drivers are not working

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    After configuring AMD Radeon HD 7690M XT in dual mode the drivers are not working

    I have HP DV7 laptop. It comes with a switchable video cards. The On-board graphics is Intel HD 3000 and other than it has Radeon HD7690M XT gpu. I want some help to find proper drivers for this system. I am not able to use the graphic card. I am trying to play games on it this but it is working on the onboard graphics. Due to which it is not able to give me maximum resolution. I had formatted windows recently and installed windows 7. The audio, video, etc is everything is working fine. But when I try to play games but things are not working here.

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    You can find the drivers for the same on official site of HP. You have to simply visit the site and get the latest drivers on the basis of your system model. Second thing you can do is go on ati website and in the support section you can locate latest drivers for your graphic card. Once the driver is installed you will be able to play the games easily. You can also run Windows update. It is also good enough to locate fresh drivers.

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    When you format your system and installed Windows 7 then you wiped out the entire drivers. It is always good to backup drivers before doing the same. This will be helpful. I always run Driver Magician software before formatting. Because this help me to backup the drivers and then I go ahead with installation of operating system. Other thing you can do is instead of manual formatting try to go ahead with factory restore.

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    Drivers are a big issue for old system. Right click on My Computer and click on Manage. Go in Device Manager. Right click on the all uninstalled hardware from your system. And choose update drivers. Windows will automatically try to find fresh drivers. Most of the time windows update is good enough to give you all required drivers. But if that does not work then you can try a driver updater. There are ample of free tools available on the web which can help.

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