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Thread: Other TV controls and HDMI splitters

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    Other TV controls and HDMI splitters

    Hello friends I have recently bought Samsung UA55D8000 TV which is 55” LED TV. With my Samsung UA55D8000 LED TV I have connected HDMI splitters so that I can connect my TV receiver with other Televisions also. Now after setting up all the things when i turn off or turn on any of my TV at that time it does the same for my other TVs. I have tried all the possible thing to fix this problem. The other two TV is Panasonic TX-26LX70A which is LCD TV. If any have experienced same problem and have solution for this then please let me know.

    Thank you in advance.

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    Re: Other TV controls and HDMI splitters

    After referring your question I have searched the solution on the internet and I have come to know that in Samsung UA55D8000 TV there is a feature called “anynet” and you have to turn that off. After turning off the “anynet” feature in your Samsung TV you have to check whether your problem gets solved or not? If after trying above solution also if you are experiencing same problem then I will suggest you to you should turn off HDMI control on your other two TV also and then see what the result is. If you want any more help regarding this problem then let me know.

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    Re: Other TV controls and HDMI splitters

    Hello guys am having similar issue with my Sony bravia TV and I have read above solution regarding turning off the HDMI control on TV. On my other Samsung TV I have turned off “Anynet” feature but I don’t know where to find “Anynet ” feature or whatever name it is called in Sony TV. Please let me know where I can find that in menu?

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    Re: Other TV controls and HDMI splitters

    well according to me in Sony TV “Anynet “ feature will called a Bravia link and that is why I will suggest you to look for Bravia link feature and then turn it off and then see whether your problem get solved or not?

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    Re: Other TV controls and HDMI splitters

    doesn't matter what brand they are. Just turn off hdmi control on each tv.
    It will have a different name for each brand but they sometimes interact between brands. So as above, find it and turn it off. Good luck!

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