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Thread: How to configure SLI on Two GeForce GTX 560 Ti's

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    How to configure SLI on Two GeForce GTX 560 Ti's

    I am planing to configure sli gpu on my system. I am rightnow using GTX 560 Ti. With single one I can get good graphic output but I am not getting maximum resolution. I want some help here. It is worth to go with another GTX 560 Ti or should I buy a GTX 590 which is a bit more powerful and better. I am stuck between this two choices. I want to use my existing gpu anyhow for this purpose.

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    You can go ahead with GTX 560 Ti. This are two same cards with similar configuration. If you go ahead with separate one then there will be issue. You have to check the compatibility thing here before going for sli. It is always better to go for two common cards so that there will be no issue with the compatibility thing. I am doubtful about using a higher one on the system.

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    The support stuff depend on the motherboard. If the specification does not match then there is no use of spending money on the same. Your board must have option for sli support. If that is not possible then things might not work. The psu looks enough to me. Always buy dual kit for this purpose. Because here you get compatible card with sli bride and configuring dual sim on that is far more simple.
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