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Thread: GIGABYTE GTX 570 SOC not posting fans at 100%

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    GIGABYTE GTX 570 SOC not posting fans at 100%

    Recently I switched to Gigabyte 570 SOC and it worked very well except currently whenever i resume the system otherwise boot the system as cold boot I can see a blank screen through the GPU fans rotating at 100%. At present the funny fixation is the GPU isn't totally busted. After the 3-4 attempts of restart the system boots very well and the GPU appears in good health and I can reboot then without any problem. It only happens during the cold start. So what the problem is?

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    Re: GIGABYTE GTX 570 SOC not posting fans at 100%

    The GPU is factory overclocked half: the GPU clock speed from 732MHz to 845MHz is increased and the shaders run at 1690MHz instead of 1464MHz. The memory runs, however, the standard clock speed of 950MHz, resulting in 3.8 Giga transfers per second over the 320bits wide bus leads. Gigabytes Ultra Durable VGA + design means that the purpose of overclocking heavy duty components are used. A dual slot cooler with three fans to cool the card.
    I anticipate it is the customary trouble of a heap formed overclock being applied. Presently doesn't work 100% of the moment. It is superior to make use of a bog average card and overclock it yourself. Attempt downclocking it toward stock levels and perceive if the trouble at rest exists.

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    Re: GIGABYTE GTX 570 SOC not posting fans at 100%

    I have also the same in sli gtx 570 gs GHL and I will confirm that the built is quite normal, in my two cards are pasted. Involved in hd and all the options the upper reaches max 83C and 70C for the bottom and a gpu OCCT test the upper reaches 97C max and the lower 82 C max. According to the data card manufacturer is expected to operate at 97C max and effectively under OCCT attain 97C but I never exceed this temperature. The ventillo works 3930RPM max on this card which is actually full noisy, but that's normal...

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