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Thread: Graphics Card for HD video

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    Graphics Card for HD video

    I recently bought Samsung LA32C550 LCD TV and is connected to my PC through VGA. As known, the display quality of VGA is not very appreciable and so I wanna get a PCI graphics card for my PC to connect to my TV using an HDMI. Can any body please tell me what PCI graphics card should I be buying to get an HDMI out from it? Am not a gaming freak but I watch a lot of HD movies. I prefer to buy a low budget ATI Avivo HD technology graphics card with HDMI output. Which one shall i go for?

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    Re: Graphics Card for HD video

    You will need to buy a mid-range graphic card. You can also go for Low range card as you only want to watch high quality videos. Also it depends on your motherboard. Some of the cards which are good for movies are NVidea 7600GT and ATI AVIVO x1950. This can be a bit lower range but look for better. Another one which comes in the same range is GX280. NVIDIA GeForce 8500 G is also not bad, but it works on PCIe slot.

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