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Thread: MSI TWIN FROZR II 6950 get overheated

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    MSI TWIN FROZR II 6950 get overheated

    A moment ago Iíve purchased a twin frozr 2 6950 explicitly for playing games, and I bought this because of its cooling nature, but it hasn't lived up to its argue of better-quality cooling in similarity to other reference boards, and whenever I play games it just get too high tempered, its idle temperature is 44 degree celcius while with full load it goes above 60C which is according to me too high, isnít it? Any recommendation what shall I do in order to maintain the temperature? Need suggestion.

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    Re: MSI TWIN FROZR II 6950 get overheated

    I would say not only with this card, rather every graphic card has the same problem, but I am wondering because as far as I know the card you have mentioned has so many features in that including it has 2 fans on it, but still you are having the problem, it seems to concerning really, see Iíd say you should try to install the proper driver, otherwise if you installed some equivalent drivers, it will put load on the graphic card, and thus will generate the heat. So install the proper driver.

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    Re: MSI TWIN FROZR II 6950 get overheated

    Though I have different graphic card, but the problem was same of overheating. I have done so many things regarding that, but nothing was so apply able thus with no other option I have quited playing games for long time, thus I would also suggest you the same as donít play the games for long time, I mean to say for continuous 4 to 5 hours rather take some rest and let card to get it temperature low. And it sometimes also happens like due the CPU temperature, it makes other peripheral also hot.

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    Re: MSI TWIN FROZR II 6950 get overheated

    Hey I would say you should put your machine near the place in your home where you get the proper ventilation, thus I would not give that much temperature while playing, or if suppose you are playing the game, I would suggest you that quit all other application, thus it will not get to loaded and would not utilize the CPU more, and association with this, you would not get the graphic card overheated.

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    Re: MSI TWIN FROZR II 6950 get overheated

    It might be possible that you have so small case, and too many peripherals attach to the motherboard thus it is producing the heat. I would suggest you that if have a small case the you should buy the new case before it damage some more parts in the machine because of the heating, and if suppose you have the proper case, you just need to by a cooler fan to maintain the CPU temperature, and this would automatically reduce the GPU temperature also.

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