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Thread: Logitech Revue to work with 3D

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    Logitech Revue to work with 3D

    I am trying to be able to run my Logitech Revue with 3D technology. Had tried it many times but failed. I tried to run through my audio video receiver and the TV. I had connected audio video receiver with the 3D blu ray player along with other devices and support to play 3D on it. Even I tried using Direct TV 3D but it gave me error saying that the receiver would not support 3D. Also I had tried unplugging the wires and connecting it again. Is there anyone who had any experience of running 3D through set top box?

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    Re: Logitech Revue to work with 3D

    I had no video issues while connecting my Logitech Revue to a 3D TV by using my HDMI 1.4 as backward compatible along with the HDMI 1.3 devices. Special care should be taken care when you use a source higher than the specification mention to it. As for the problem stated above you should try troubleshooting for your devices associated with the connection made to display 3D. Or else try changing your HDMI cables from 1.4 to 1.3 and vice versa. By the way a TV connected with HDMI 1.4 should not create any problem when it change from HDMI 1.4

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    Re: Logitech Revue to work with 3D

    You can try splitting the signal through Revue which will work as the solution. But the main point considered here should be that frame compatibility of 3D should be able to send 3D signal through the 2D component because only the source and display should be aware of the situations. It should be like there should be a HDMI handshake signal between the devices in order to work fine to display on the 3D screen.

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    Re: Logitech Revue to work with 3D

    Finally it worked out for me as Logitech revue and my 3D system work out together. I tried to HDMI inputs on the TV side to watch in 3D or by using the internet i.e. Google TV. For this I connected my Direct TV STB to the Rocketfish HDMI splitter which was connected to the Logitech Revue. Logitech Revue was then connected to the 3D audio video receiver which used to input my 3D LCD TV. By this I was able to connect my Revue to display 3D on the display screen.

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