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Thread: Radeon HD 5870 vs AMD Radeon HD 6950/6970

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    Radeon HD 5870 vs AMD Radeon HD 6950/6970

    Since the vast majority of the 6950s can become 6970s, for this exacting matter, agree to take for granted 6970 for 6950 performance prices. So a HD 5870 for $ 199 of newegg promotion against cheapest HD 6950 in 6970 opened the performance of $ 270. Is it actually value the $ 70? an important person explain to me why I would pay money for a 6950 over a 5870 when it appear that the 5870s overclock a small improved and acquire the similar performance by 10%

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    Re: Radeon HD 5870 vs AMD Radeon HD 6950/6970

    2 GB of VRAM is a large advantage, particularly intended for the 1920x1080 resolution and Eyefinity configurations. Scale is also improved if you by no means go crossfire in the prospect is always a plus. keep in mind that the 6950/6970 can also overclock to add to the gap yet again overclocked 5870. The 5870 is still a huge purchase, in particular for $ 200. On the other hand, if I had to obtain a new card now I almost certainly would go away for the 6950 only because of its potential and price / performance ratio. The only scenario that would get a 5870 now is if I am short of money and the game below 1920x1080 and / or already have a 5870 so I could crossfire.

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    Re: Radeon HD 5870 vs AMD Radeon HD 6950/6970

    6950 things have definite that the 5870 does not contain HDMI 1.4a are scaling Crossfire, EQAA, 2GB of video RAM, and a cooler quieter. Presumptuous you obtain speeds of 6950 to 6970 in the core / memory / shaders, you get 15% extra performance for the price 25% more. If you do not plan to do Crossfire, and do not brain a few dB, the 5870 is a improved price. Buy the 5870, is one obsession that construct it enhanced than every other graphics cards: the most recent flagship GPU from ATi have stamped on it.

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    Re: Radeon HD 5870 vs AMD Radeon HD 6950/6970

    5870 crossfire expansion is significantly different from the extension 6970 crossfire? Also I was looking through a number of benchmarks and the performance difference was not increased in most cases where the resolution is increased. The difference was between 8.3 through frameworks and playability rarely made under 30 fps average, regardless of the resolution. VRAM 2GB seems to give an advantage in excess of Nvidia contributions, but oddly not as large a gap in current iterations Radeon. I understand that the 6950/70s are not as good as than overclockers 5870s. I was thoughts possibly the difference of 4 or 5% overclock clock clock would produce similar results in all areas of both architectures.

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    Re: Radeon HD 5870 vs AMD Radeon HD 6950/6970

    The VRam 2GB is enormous at advanced resolutions (I am discussion concerning ... Eyefinity resolutions 5040x1050, 5760x1200, etc). Crysis only has concerning 1.3 GB of video RAM to a resolution of 1920x1080 through, every scenery set up. In the prospect, additional games are extra probable departing to obtain the extra VRAM Metro 2033 is already doing, I bet Crysis 2, as well. As for the $ 199 5870 on Newegg, do not obtain this card if you be expecting the overclock at the moment. I have this card and is protected at 900MHz Core and 1300MHz memory not to mention the memory does not sink in it so do not expect to overclock, and to everyone.

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    Re: Radeon HD 5870 vs AMD Radeon HD 6950/6970

    will msi ati radeon 6950 work on asus m4a87td-evo motherboard

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