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Thread: Samsung P2770FH vs Asus VE278Q

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    Samsung P2770FH vs Asus VE278Q

    Hi guys, just two days back I decided to assemble my computer so I have made a list of my own configurations. I have included the latest high end graphic card with a one tera byte of hard drive along with a Sony DVD and lots more. I have specially configured this system for gaming. But I am confused, as to which of the monitors is a better alternative from Samsung P2770FH and an Asus VE278Q. I would like your opinions regarding this issue.

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    Re: Samsung P2770FH vs Asus VE278Q

    Samsung P2770FH offers a 1ms response time. It is a 27-inch LCD monitor. This monitor supports full HD 1080p, 300 nits brightness. According to the users, it is more efficient and they almost have to agree on this point. I would suggest you to really go for the Samsung P2770FH as it has awesome features and is really a nice monitor for gaming purposes. LCD monitor's reaction speed or response time, or pixel switching is excellent. The viewing angle is widened so that it can reduce image blur effects in a better manner.

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    Re: Samsung P2770FH vs Asus VE278Q

    ASUS VE278Q includes a smart contrast ratio. The ASUS Smart Contrast Ratio technology adjusts the backlight of the display dynamically to the respective light conditions and increases the contrast ratio of up to 10,000,000:1. Even with extremely dark or bright environment, the image appears to be optimal and real, and this is whast I like the most about this monitor. One more thing which I find interesting is the fast response time of 2ms which increases the image quality and prevents ghosting effects and delays. So I would suggest you to go for the Asus monitor.

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    Re: Samsung P2770FH vs Asus VE278Q

    The Asus VE278Q has a full HD 1080p i.e 1920x1080 support, along with the HDMI interface colors on the screen with VE278Q fuller and sharper output. The monitor has a feature to optimize brightness with AI Light. Thanks to the AI Light sensor technology now it automatically adjusts the screen brightness to light conditions in the environment. This is a fact that carries the AI Light technology which is so energy efficient in terms of consumption of the screen, thus saving power effectively. So you better go for the Asus monitor my friend.

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    Re: Samsung P2770FH vs Asus VE278Q

    The good thing about this hardware is that the “Samsung SyncMaster P2770FH” consists of a wide screen for a comparatively small cost and even though its design is a couple years old, it still looks quite stunning. The bad thing about the monitor is that it does not have sufficient connection options as compared to other 27-inch monitors on the market. It has the ability set the OSD onscreen for around 5 to 200 seconds. The array includes a “Menu button”, an “up and down button”, and an “Enter button”, along with an “Auto button”.

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