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Thread: Does GTX 460 - v1.3 have support for Free Performance Boost

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    Does GTX 460 - v1.3 have support for Free Performance Boost

    hello friends, I have using this GTX 460 - v1.3 for quite few months now and I day by day I am coming across to see that the performance of my CPU is been degrading. Now this is not due to huge amount of data because I have not kept waste data and I frequently use the C Cleaner to free the unwanted space. Also, while playing high quality games i have found that the cpu is unable to deliver good graphics that it would give at its early stage. So I would like to know that whether there is free performance boost software for my graphics card that will help me to improve the performance of my processor and also the quality of the graphics while playing the game.

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    Re: Does GTX 460 - v1.3 have support for Free Performance Boost

    First of all I would want to know from you that have you got too much of the data installed in your computer which be the reason behind slow performance. Also, are you facing the degradation in the graphics by playing the same game that you were supposed to play at your early stage or that you are playing the latest games which obviously requires even more high quality graphics card. If you are using the latest games that requires too much of graphics then I would request you that you should change your graphics card to something much more higher than which you are currently using.

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    Re: Does GTX 460 - v1.3 have support for Free Performance Boost

    Hey I think that the Free Performance Boost (FPB) is available for this card you and will be able to get this from the internet or by going to the Geforce official website. The FBP can be easily downloaded and installed in your computer that will update your GTX 460 in delivering high performance and indirectly provides very high graphics while playing high quality games.

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    Re: Does GTX 460 - v1.3 have support for Free Performance Boost

    Hey friend, why don't you format your system and see if it helps you to boost your performance as well as increasing the graphics. I think that overtime we should constantly format our computer so that all the waste memory and if any virus are there in our computer gets removed. This will have all the bad portion of the memory deleted and you will surely get some good quality while playing the games. I hope that you understand what I am trying to say.

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    Re: Does GTX 460 - v1.3 have support for Free Performance Boost

    Hello friends I have got the steps that are required to update the GTX 460 graphics card so that it can be compatible with the new high definition game. Follow this steps and you will be surely be able to update the card.
    • Firstly you should have the internet connection running to get the update file..
    • Save the named update on your hard disk..
    • Make sure no programs are running in the background, and double click update.exe.
    • Press "Y" to begin the update.
    • After you have done with the update, make sure that you restart your PC.
    • Finally you have to reinstall the latest NVIDIA graphics drivers to enjoy full benefit of the graphic card.

    This will surely update the GTX 460 graphics driver and you will be able to enjoy exciting feature.
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    Re: Does GTX 460 - v1.3 have support for Free Performance Boost

    Hey why donít you remove your graphics card and rub the down portion of the graphics card with a rubber and the again insert the card into the slot to check whether you are getting good quality or not. It can be due to some loose connection or due to some dust particles on the slot which is refraining the card to function properly which is why you are getting low graphics.

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