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Thread: Lucid hydra technology for GPU

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    Lucid hydra technology for GPU

    I had read a week ago in your forums about the graphical processing unit it has a breathtaking feature of lucid hydra technology that supports multi gpu grading across numerous manufacturers, and up till now, I can only find the Formula version. Are these all y the identical thing? I need this lucid hydra tech for my gpu as well , my question is that if I run 5850 and 5770 with hydra, will anything unusual happen ?

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    Re: Lucid hydra technology for GPU

    The Crosshair IV Formula is the unique Crosshair IV system board with no Hydra chip. The Crossair IV extreme is much more a C4F but with Hydra and the RoG Connect. About Hydra, it is totally unusual to CrossFireX. The HD 5850 normally will not clock down AFAIK, and your hard drive will work as a a booster GPU, just to put in some FPS but not actually CrossFireX.

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    Re: Lucid hydra technology for GPU

    It actually depends on different scenarios , the Crosshair IV Extreme will almost certainly be $100 or around that amount more costly than the Crosshair IV Formula, mostly because of the Lucid Hydra chip. I would say it will be avery nice if you have an ATi and nVidia card altogether and you want both the cards to be used together, but or else I just reckon it is not worth it.

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    Re: Lucid hydra technology for GPU

    Well I do not think the information mentioned in above post is correct , in fact it is incorrect Crosshair IV Formula connects with a ROG. , although those tremendous features are not out it, but sill still stick to the same formula, but if you want your system to be transformed into a rig then I think you should prefer a CorsairIII.

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