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Thread: No onboard audio for EVGA GTX 460

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    No onboard audio for EVGA GTX 460

    I setup my EVGA GTX 460 video card with 2 DVI and 1 HDMI port. The whole thing was appearing fine, and then I become aware of bottom right of my display there was a red x/cross above my sound. And after that the fun started. Started to Google the whole thing, and establish that the card has a sound chip on the card, and that the HDMI takes above the onboard audio. I have attempted each way probable other then the accurate way to fix this, and not anything has worked so far. I contain a standard LCD monitor Acer AL2223W, and I just run DVI to DVI. I utilize headphones, so Id like keep utilizing my onboard audio. I have attempted to disable the HDMI audio by going into device manager, Sound, video, and game controllers and immobilize all four listed. Still the trouble is: Windows 7 does not even identify my onboard audio at all. I have updated all drivers, from the Nvidia drivers, to the nForce MB drivers.

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    Re: No onboard audio for EVGA GTX 460

    I had a same trouble with my A4tech keyboard with a phone. Later than I installed Windows XP I could not make use of my onboard audio because my keyboard became the default tool. But it was simple to fix at Control panel- Sounds and Audio Devices- Audio tab- and at the Sound playback- default device drop down list chosen my device. At this time I cannot memorize the path for Windows 7 but it should not be too hard to discover. Hope this will helps you to solve or to understand your problem.

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    Re: No onboard audio for EVGA GTX 460

    I presently setup my GTX460 SE and currently contain no audio from any internet browser window. I utilized Mozilla, Google chrome, and Internet Explorer, all with the similar lack of audio from any browser window, in spite of the audio or video format. I do have audio from Winamp, Windows media, and so on, so my audio drivers are working, but I am not capable to get any audio from my browser windows to come though. The only change that I made to my system was setup this video card, so I am speculating if it is the fixed audio drivers which are causing this difficulty.

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    Re: No onboard audio for EVGA GTX 460

    The GTX 460 SE does contain its individual HD audio codec that becomes the default audio device in its place of whatever audio device you had earlier. You can modify the default audio tool back through the Windows Control Panel, but if you are not going to make utilize of the Nvidia HD audio after that it is suggested that you uninstall the Nvidia HD audio drivers and after that immobilize the 4 Nvidia HD audio devices in Device Manager to keep away from probable clashes and troubles.

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