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Thread: ATI Catalyst setting does match with windows resolution

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    ATI Catalyst setting does match with windows resolution

    I installed win7 without a delay it detect my X-Fi great gamer card with no problems and even knows that I have a ATI Radeon HD4650 installed. yet, when I go to play a game, mostly with steam, none of my games fit in screen properly. My computer adjust to a resolution of 1280x720 for my games and they does standstill to the screen. And even when I run auto construction by my TV (which I use as a monitor through the DVI slot in the back) the screen still appears bad. So I want a help of some body resolve this kind of problem.

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    Re: ATI Catalyst setting does match with windows resolution

    To right the "Generic Non-Plug and play Monitor" problem, just turn off the Computer and monitor, UNPLUG the power for few minutes so that all the capacitors drain in the circuitry of the monitor. You may want to unplug the video line as well. Then after few actions, reflux cable and power cord, turn on watch and reboot computer. One of the games that I tried to run was left for dead 2, and it ran fine, sort of, except for the huge black clear bars at the side of my game. The game itself looked fine graphics wise, but those black bars were really trying. So I tried fooling around with the game's resolution and with the resolution on the control panel, getting them to match up and mixing them up to see if the black bars would be removed.

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    Re: ATI Catalyst setting does match with windows resolution

    I fixed screen motion to where I can see the whole screen but it looks strange, like bunched up and small. Does this have something to do with the warning as well. As the error message suggests you need to check for the ATI driver update. ATI driver is the driver for the display or graphics card present in your computer. So make the card work properly you need to have updated and latest drivers installed. Also the resolution issue of the display is related to the catalyst center warning message.

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    Re: ATI Catalyst setting does match with windows resolution

    I have also familiar of this problem. I have search on my Computer for a program called "display Manager” I have found nothing. After facing this problem I had a safety update that would not install. It can be possible virus is there. But it’s not viruses issue after scan I got problem. First of all always download and install the latest STABLE drivers from,try your best not to download beta drivers or drivers from some random website, as the stability of these drivers is questionable

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