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Thread: What is Image Sharpening?

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    What is Image Sharpening?

    Hey Guys, I am in a big mess. I am currently using Cathode Ray Tube (CRT) screen which is 17’’ inch. I am having many problem related to my CRT screen. Right now, I am not in the position to buy new monitor. Since, I am using CRT screen I am finding lots of images blurry. The only option remaining was to enable the image sharpening in the Nvidia control panel with my graphics card as 7600Gt. After that, I switched on to 8800GTS but there is no option to select in Nvidia control panel. Can you please suggest me what should I do in order to get my image sharpened?

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    Re: What is Image Sharpening?

    When images becomes blurry the first thing what I do is that I will firstly tune the adjustment knob at the flyback transformer to get a good image. The three main areas where you can get these defect are a defensive CRT socket, faulty picture tube and transformer divider. Well, I would like tell you that there is no image sharpening option in Nvidia. I don’t think that CRT performs that bad as you are telling.

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    Re: What is Image Sharpening?

    I also agree that there is no such option available in Nvidia control panel. I am currently using 19’’ inch CRT in which it offers me 85hz where as in 19’’ inch LCD it offers 60hz only. I don’t think you should be so upset if you are using a CRT screen. Well, you also might know that CRT screens are still the best screens for gaming. I don’t think so that you might be having any objection over it. Make sure that you get once checked your CRT if it’s causing problem after re-installing the 8800GTS drivers again

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    Re: What is Image Sharpening?

    Yes, I also agree that there is no such option in Nvidia control panel in which you can have control over image sharpening. I think if you are having blurry image problem again and again even after re-installing then I think that there might be some problem in your picture tube. Due to which the image is not appearing clear. I think you must make sure that you get your picture tube checked as soon as possible.

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    Re: What is Image Sharpening?

    Usually, there is no such image blurry problem in CRT screen; it usually has I LCD screen. But, if you are having this problem than I think that your video chipset or monitor might be having a problem. But, I think most chances of the problem are in video chipset. You need to get your video chipset get checked. I think then you might don’t have to face the blurry image problem.

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