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Thread: Bandwidth Plugin for Hardware-Monitor

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    Bandwidth Plugin for Hardware-Monitor

    Hi! Every one, please help me if you can. My issue is regarding the Hardware and Monitor or in better words you can say that my problem is regarding plugins. I feel like to observe my Up and Downstream present in the Hardware and Monitor of Rivatuner and would like to inquire, that whether it is feasible to acquire the data by means of some plugin and if it is possible then if at that point already a plugin then what to do? I have asked question to my every friend but no one has replied me till now.

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    Re: Bandwidth Plugin for Hardware-Monitor

    As the plugin is produced by means of visual studio 2008 you must have to download and then install Microsoft visual studio 2008 is runtime mechanism. This will be just 1.8MB approximately. And you will have to download from Microsoft site. After that you should copy the plugin on the location where you have installed Rivatuner and under the plugin folder. It makes a default pattern file Wminet.cfg in the same place. After that you will be able to correct this file to modify the tag name for the connection interfaces establish on your PC to be an additional clear name to be used in hardware watched windows. You should make sure that even though there are only two entries in the .cfg file, the plugin will put the four graphs to hardware monitoring. And two for each interface one to post the data and other interface is for receiving the data. Then all that you need is to reboot the hardware monitoring in order to let them plugin and pick up the fresh interface.

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    Re: Bandwidth Plugin for Hardware-Monitor

    I was just surfing the solution plugin on the Microsoft site, at that time I found software on Microsoft's site that perform the identical thing as mentioned above you can download it from Microsoft and try to solve your trouble of plugin. This software that you will get is self-extracting execution software which contains 11 files in it. After extracting running PDHObjects.exe it will fetch the entire instance at the time in the format of tree view. I have checked this on my system it shows all the upstream and downstream.

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    Re: Bandwidth Plugin for Hardware-Monitor

    If you are not getting the solution after trying the above mentioned steps try to solve with the below mentioned steps:
    Start the command Prompt with prominent rights for this start your computer in administrator account. Change the working drive to C:\Windows\System32. And insert the command: lodctr.exe /S:LodCtrBackup.txt. This will generate a file in that location with name of LodCtrBackup.txt. Go to that folder and start searching for individualís objects. You will get the following thing on your screen.
    255=Physical Disk
    256= these numbers is indication of physical disk counters and are total of the values of the logical disks interested in which they are separated.
    257=Logical Disk
    258= Logical performance is monitored with this.
    550=Network Interface
    551=these keeps the counter of packet sends and received.

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