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Thread: Turning Of The USB Port In Dell Monitors

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    Turning Of The USB Port In Dell Monitors

    The Dell Monitor that I am using is of the 22 inches of the Dell SP2208WFP and have been using this since the year and the last. The monitor is awesome to use as it is a combination of the webcam, the mic and usb ports etc. My only look out is that I had found out a new problem in whenever I turn off the monitor, it automatically turns of the USB ports that are connected to it as well. I have tried attaching the USB mouse that I have been using it through the monitor.But now a new problem has been faced as an when I switch off the monitor and then switch it on the mouse stops working and then the re-plugging is required for it. And also it turns of the monitor automatically when I try to connect the Hard drive in it. Please help me out with this problem as this is a grave problem to me.

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    Re: Turning Of The USB Port In Dell Monitors

    First of all whenever you connect you should keep in mind that what type of the USB you are trying to connect it to the monitor. And when you put on the USB your monitor should start functioning automatically and then show the working of the monitor that is currently being used by the system. And all this should happen through the design of the monitor that you are using. And always make sure that the mouse and the keyboard are not attached to the monitor. They should be plugged directly in to the PC that you are using.

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    Re: Turning Of The USB Port In Dell Monitors

    I have heard that the USB port are mainly used for making on the functionality of the CPU rather than that of the monitor. The monitor button is said to be turned out only if the display is not being used. And also keep the track that when you are disconnecting the USB from the Monitor at that time you got to check out that whether it is taken out properly out or not. If you abruptly turn of the USB port then it is guaranteed that from which you have attached the portable is bound to be getting corrupted.

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    Re: Turning Of The USB Port In Dell Monitors

    The problem could be of the design and the corresponding flaws in the design is causing such problems in the Dell monitor. And also the Dell is coming with the feature of the Ultra Sharp that has not ever been launched by any of the monitors other then that of the Dell and also that because of this feature the connectivity is paying a big issue in it. Can any one just explain the features of the Dell monitors and which one is the best to use for the purpose of the connectivity and all the other stuff.

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    Re: Turning Of The USB Port In Dell Monitors

    The features of the Dell SP2208WFP is said to be the one that is given below:
    • The resolution is said to be the 1680 x 1050 native resolution which is hav that the compressing for the documents.
    • And also the Integration of the Webcam and the the touch can also be used for the family members.
    • The response time is said to be the 2 millisecond
    • It is having the dynamic contrast ratio 2000:1 that are used for the HD.
    • And the USB 2.0 is also having the Hi-Speed Ports and this can be used for the connectivity of the portable with the monitors.
    • It has also got the faetures of the High Definition that can be used for the viewing of the movies, and the small or the big videos and then play games in HD.
    • The Dell uses the tracker that can be used for the coloring of the screen anmd also for the all purpose high definition views.

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