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Thread: Windows XP: After install Catalyst driver screen appears in blank

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    Windows XP: After install Catalyst driver screen appears in blank

    I am having a Dell computer with the windows XP environment, the main purpose of the machine is for the gaming purpose, I was using the ATI Radeon graphic driver for smooth playing the gaming in my machine. After that I upgrade that one with the ATI Catalyst Video Drivers for Radeon Graphics, now the problem after installing this one the screen of my computer appears in blank. I think that it was not installed properly, for that I reinstall the driver, but it happening same thing. I searched everywhere for the solution but found nothing. So I am here for searching the solution for that problem. Is there anyone having the solution for that? Any suggestion on this will be appreciated.

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    Re: Windows XP: After install Catalyst driver screen appears in blank

    I had the similar issue after that I found the simple solution for that type of problem, now I would like to suggest you to go through the process that I am mentioning bellow. Uninstall the driver from your machine. And before to take any other installation switch on the ATI program, and make sure it is running in the system tray or the task tray. Then go to the advanced options on Display window. Select the ATI option from the option list of the display, and turn on the ATI task by click on the icon of that. After that reboot the machine, now make the fresh installation of the driver that you tried earlier. Also after the installation of driver system reboot is required. I hope after the system restart I hope you will over come from the problem.

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    Re: Windows XP: After install Catalyst driver screen appears in blank

    I think you did not go through the installation procedure of the driver. I recently did the installation of the ATI graphic driver. I recommend you to make sure that you follow the steps if not then go through the step by making a fresh installation of driver. First of all in the installation process unplug all the cord of the computer, open the exiting card from the computer. Replace it with the new card, also make sure that it is working fine and reattach all the cords of the machine and close the case of the computer. Now start the machine with the new card that you upgrade recently. I don’t think so there is any problem with the graphic card or the driver of the card, it might be misplaced or not placed properly. Try to play the game now. I hope now you will able to play that one.

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    Re: Windows XP: After install Catalyst driver screen appears in blank

    Relevant issue, recently installed ATI 200M xpress mobility graphics chipset in my newly installed windows 7 compatibility laptop. The VGA drivers is working fine, though after installing windows 7 in my computer the drivers for this chipset is not working still I take a reboot in the machine, but worked after that for a while, again it stops working and I have to reboot the machine. The problem is while it stops working the screen of the machine appears in blank. I hooked the machine with the separate monitor, and there is no problem occurs with the screen, is there any problem on my laptop screen? I attempt to install the 9.3 catalyst drivers, which is also fails to do anything change, I tried by install the standard VGA drivers after the next boot up of laptop. What is the problem with the laptop screen? Any information on this issue?

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    Re: Windows XP: After install Catalyst driver screen appears in blank

    I am experienced with the relevant issue, which is occurred in my computer while a power cut is happen in my computer, the problem was after return the power the machine is getting off automatically, which is very much unexpected for me. After that I found that one in my computer screen, “blank screen of death”. After that I searched everywhere for the solution in the internet and consult with some of the technician to resolve this problem, but nothing found from anywhere. After that one of my friend suggest me to go foe a full destructive recovery with the help of recovery partition, but this feature is only presents in vista and windows 7, I don’t know which option is similar with this in windows XP environment. So I like to suggest you to go for a full recovery of your machine, before that back up the files from your machine. Restart the machine and while you see the logo of the machine start pressing f8 from the keyboard, this will appear a window, look for the 'repair my computer' option, which is might be placed in the top position of the screen. Remember that to do this operation you need to log into the computer with the user name and the password. Just go through this once, I am sure this will definitely help you.

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