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Thread: I want to Replace My Geforce 6800.

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    I want to Replace My Geforce 6800.

    I am finally decide for my system to upgrade my graphics card
    My system has one Geforce 6800 GT cards driving two monitor. The motherboard is an Asus P4s8X. No two monitors have the same resolution (let alone all two), so Eye finity is not a burning desire for me. Not yet, anyhow. I've have high-quality look with Nvidia cards, but am willing to think either Nvidia or AMD/ATI.
    From left to right:
    Monitor 1 - LG 26" running in flat (so that would be 1200 X 1600).
    Monitor 2 - viewsonic 2709 27" (1920 X 1280)
    I'll approximating to keep buy around Rs2500 if probable. What's careful the consumer "cute spot" these days with look upon to Nvidia . How about for ATI.I'll set in H50 water cooler in my system and moved my system into a huge case with huge fans in advance this year, I have be converted into a big fan of quiet computers. So I want a speedy graphic card, except I don't want it to sound like a mixer is chopping ice underneath my desktop. I thought to I got a good and best solution. For up gradation to my system.

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    Re: I want to Replace My Geforce 6800.

    This is true ATI's sweet spot on the cost vs. performance curvature is around the area. For your funds while you might be able to stretch to a 5850 is there are some re-bates approximately I suppose one of the 2 latter cards would be superior for your resolution on the 2nd display (the one in the side?).ATI contain new cards suitable out in November though, and they are supposed to be quicker by some periphery over the 5xxx sequence It might be worth to come Nvidia on the additional hand, the sweet spot is defiantly the GTX 460 (You can't run 2 screen on it though - You'll require to SLI a pair of these). The 1GB model is more rapidly as I am sure you know, and is now about within your value range. It's not a straight competitor to the ATI cards above (because they are still expensive IMO). The GTX 460 1GB can remain pace with the HD 5850 pretty well after all. You go for this.

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    Re: I want to Replace My Geforce 6800.

    I am telling you For your need. I ‘ll suggested you ATI Radeon HD 5800 is your best bet. I think right now, at the Rs 2500 area, the green side is the most excellent bet from a performance perspective - but we don't know what ATI's new HD 6sires is like. The latest HD 6770 might be faster than the GTX 480 1GB at the same cost spot. Intel Core i7-875K, Cooler Master Hyper 212 Plus, Asus P4s8X Pro,Gigabyte GTX 460 1GB, Mushkin 2x2GB DDR3-1333, Corsair TX650W,LG Spin point F3 1TB, AsusXonar DX, Windows 7 Home Premium Antec P183, Logitech Z-2300, Dell Ultra Sharp 2408WFP Rev. A01, this configuration is best for your need.

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    Re: I want to Replace My Geforce 6800.

    You need a good gaming system . Nothing with the purpose of a general purpose use. Some Sapphire and XFX cards still come with single in their box. The imagine about your monitor arrangement, the less I lean towards the HD 5770 I mention earlier. It's good quality sufficient for all games nowadays if you run games on your second monitor simply at it's native resolution. I think it has enough power for all 2displays to be used in a gaming atmosphere. You just apply all driver perfect than after your system can comfortable to process. For your gaming system is important to fit one more water cooler fan in your system.You go for this configuration. For gaming AMD is better processor.

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