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Thread: Graphic Settings Not Saving

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    Graphic Settings Not Saving

    When I play online gaming at that time when I try to change the graphic setting at that time it is not going to change. I have tried to solve it through many of the solution but it is not going to fix. I think it is happening because of the Steam server on which I usually love to play on this. So if you have any idea regarding this please help me.

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    Re: Graphic Settings Not Saving

    Like you I have also face this issue but the one of my online friend help me to get out from these issues. Like you first of all I have also blamed the steam for every problem when I have launched the game through it. But after trying those solutions I have not faced any of the issue related to it. So to get the solution you just follow the steps which are below:
    1. First of all you tap on the right click on the steam and from that load your library.
    2. After this you click on to the "Steam" which is at the top left and then got o the offline.
    3. Then you load up Fallout New Vegas, and in this you change the graphic setting according to your choice. And then strike the Enter button.
    4. And after this you just make sure that it is saved and then launch the launcher again and see.
    5. After doing all these you just go to the online steam again, and load the Launcher and it should have to save.
    6. And the last take the fun of this.

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    Re: Graphic Settings Not Saving

    Hey thanks a lot because I was also facing this issue from many times. And regarding this I have tried your solution firstly when I have opened the internet at that time I was not able to save the setting then I have restarted the my internet explorer again at that time I have seen that my problem getting fixed. So please if you have any query so you people try this solution but I do not think that it is fully going to work or not so try this on your own risk.

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    Re: Graphic Settings Not Saving

    I had also faced the same issue and it get fixed instantaneously when I try to set myself to the offline mode. And when I go to the online again at that time I have to face this issue again. So I think there is an issue regarding the online mode which always refuses to save my required data. I only know that to fix this issue I have to go in to the Mass Effect folder. But as I said I do not have that much idea that how to go there and fix to this issue if you have any solution of this then please help me.

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    Re: Graphic Settings Not Saving

    So I just also want to thank here. I have also tried the solution which is given here and it is really the awesome. Hey Abbie why are you not trying the solution which is given here. If you want my opinion then you just go for these solution it is really good one. And I also think that it is going to help you in order to fix you issue.

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    Re: Graphic Settings Not Saving

    I have seen the solution which is given here. And I have also tried that and get the fix for my problem. But regarding this I have also got the solution which is quicker and faster than this solution which is given here and it also does not require to go offline. In this you just follow the steps which are given here:
    • First of all you have to start the game.
    • After this you change your setting.
    • And when you are at the main menu at that time you just exit the game.

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