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Thread: How to disable auto installation of graphics drivers

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    How to disable auto installation of graphics drivers

    I have for the first time in Windows 7 uninstalled my graphics card driver to reinstall another, but I faced a small problem:

    After uninstalling my Nvidia driver (via device manager) windows asks me to restart the system. But once back on the windows desktop it starts automatically downloading new drivers (which I do not want since I already downloaded the latest from the Nvidia's website).

    So I'm looking to quickly install my driver before Windows finishes his download except that the installer of the new nvidia driver asks me to close the windows to continue installing the driver. So I opened the window and choose the windows option not to download the drivers automatically but still Windows 7 goes to automatically download the drivers that I can not stop it. This affects the installation of the new drivers .

    So I had to restart my computer, let windows install its driver and then install my new above without uninstalling the previous one.

    I know we must always uninstall a driver before you install a new one, however, how to install the driver manually?

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    Re: How to disable auto installation of graphics drivers

    You do not have to uninstall a driver before you reinstall the new one. Just install the latest one without you take the lead. The older one will automatically be overtaken by the new one. You can even install the driver manually by going into the driver under device manager and then selecting the Update driver option.

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    Re: How to disable auto installation of graphics drivers

    To uninstall your current NVIDIA Display Drivers from your system, follow these steps:

    1) Go into your Control Panel
    2) Double-click the Add/Remove Programs icon
    3) Select the NVIDIA Windows Display Drivers from the list of programs.
    4) Click Change/Remove or Add/Remove button.
    5) Confirm with Windows that you wish to continue with the uninstall

    Once the driver files have been uninstalled, Windows will request you to restart your computer to complete the process.

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    Re: How to disable auto installation of graphics drivers

    Thank you for your answer. However, your post explains just how to uninstall the driver and reboot the system but not how to avoid installing drivers automatically. Isn't there any solution to this? I want windows to ask me for a message like "new device found, would you like to search for the best driver or install a driver from a cd or other location".

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    Re: How to disable auto installation of graphics drivers

    Well see if you can stop the service "Plug n Play" and put it on manual startup. Then you uninstall the drivers, restart the computer, download the drivers manually, restart the service and then leave it on auto-start.

    Otherwise, Windows key + R (run), type in gpedit.msc. In the window that appears on the left side there is Computer Configuration - Administrative Templates - System - Installing Devices - Device Installation Restrictions.

    Then on the right side you will see Prevent installation of devices not described by other policy settings. Double-click on it and activate it. Reboot Windows and you will now be able to install more drivers.

    To put everything back as it was, you redo the same, select the Prevent installation of devices xxx and select "Not Configured". Normally they were all about "Not Configured" before. Check well before you change them!

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    Re: How to disable auto installation of graphics drivers

    My opinion is that you should uninstall completely or even use driver sweeper cleaner for all. I am among those who had the big problem, "the graphic display driver has stopped working and was recovered" what is often concluded by a crash. I realized that my problem began with a driver update. In fact, Windows 7 or drivers, I do not know, settled next to each other, suddenly I had 50,000 files in graphics driver too. I have to run driver sweeper 4 time and reboot it to ensure that it is completely removed. In short, to avoid any problems, clean install it.

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