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Thread: Cheap touch screen LCD

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    Cheap touch screen LCD

    I have been using a desktop computer which is installed with windows 7. i would like to know which touch screen monitor should i purchase. As my older lcd monitor is not working and is damaged so now i would like to know which of the lcd touch screen monitors are good to purchase and use. Any help in this matter would be appreciated.

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    Re: Cheap touch screen LCD

    I will suggest yo to go for the T231H Acer since it has presented these days as an evolution of its predecessor, the T230H, but with some slight changes. The most striking is the external design, which changes the traditional look for something similar to what a TV or computer room to a screen for a desktop computer. The downside of touch monitors such as Acer T231H is that there is little specific software for them. Operating systems such as Windows 7 permit, but are generally limited to use with a finger.

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    Re: Cheap touch screen LCD

    One of the latest range of flat panel display HP HP 15 "touch L5006t, the only HP business monitor to include touchscreen technology for easy interactivity to the screen. SAW touch technology allows accurate input through a finger, gloved hand or stylus. The glass screen offers an alternative more sustainable and resilient to shocks through display screens with film lying that continue to operate even if scratched.

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    Re: Cheap touch screen LCD

    Try the Acer T321H Touch screen display to respond to your fingers tap water and ergonomic design allows the work to adjust the angle of 5 ° ~ 60 °, to ensure maximum comfort. Acer T321H enables you to open the file on the screen, scroll through Web pages, documents, music playlists or photo albums, you can browse the web and photos, or use two fingers rotate, enlarge or reduce the size they need.

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    Re: Cheap touch screen LCD

    The Hp touch screen will serve ypou better because it has additional features such as USB and serial ports allow easy connection of various devices. Touch-screen technology for various instruments (keyboard, mouse, through the provision of alternative equipment to reduce the cost of investment can help ...). HP recycling and environmental protection to meet strict international standards for monitors. HP response to the growing environmental and undertakes to comply with applicable regulations.

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