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Thread: Vision problem in Acer X1261 with Nvidia 3D

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    Vision problem in Acer X1261 with Nvidia 3D

    Recently have a Acer X1261 projector, and tried to connect it with my Computer for NVIDIA 3D vision experience. I set the projector in the less requirements for the 3D vision. The problem the [projector have no DVI-D interface. Tried with the DVI-I to the VGA adaptor with the VGA cable. But after connect with the VGA cable got a message, “it`s not possible to run the 3D stereoscopic mode”. Then tried to connect with the DVI-D cable. But this time the projector gives the black screen, and no signal from projector. How can I able to run my X1261 with 3D vision?

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    Re: Vision problem in Acer X1261 with Nvidia 3D

    Read the question’s and would like to inform you that the NVIDIA now offering some driver for the 3D vision technologies TV. It publish recently new 3D Vision beta drivers for the 3D TV. Would like to suggest you to download it and install in your machine. It will definitely resolve your problem. The 3D effect will be better in your screen.

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    Re: Vision problem in Acer X1261 with Nvidia 3D

    I have the same problem with my X1130p projector, just few days ago I tried for some custom resolution in NVIDIA control panel. After that created a resolution 1024*768 at 85hz, the 3D vision is working good. The problem is when I watched, I have to wear the invert glass because the colors are inverted. Also when I play something there also I got some error message of not running properly in 3D mode. Don’t why it is happening. Any suggestion…

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    Re: Vision problem in Acer X1261 with Nvidia 3D

    I had an similar kind of problem with my X1130. And resolve my problems with some of the procedures. I am listing down the processes, and suggest you to follow the steps. It will really work.

    1.Use the analog CRT connector with this projector.
    2. Please try running in 120Hz mode, not less than that.
    3 Turn off the 3D option in the projectors menu,

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    Re: Vision problem in Acer X1261 with Nvidia 3D

    My Experience over the last couple of days. . .
    Acer X1130P projector
    GT460 graphics
    Decent spec i5
    3D vision
    DVI - VGA adaptor (supplied with the graphics card)
    VGA cable supplied with the projector
    Everything worked out of the box in our workshop - looked great too!
    (would have liked a higher resolution projector - but can't justify the cost at this stage)

    Took the whole setup down to our retail showroom and connected with a decent quality long VGA cable through the roof - no joy.
    The projector was no longer listed in the Nvidia control panel or device manager - just Generic. Display resolution listed all rather than the few recommended. Couldn't run the 3D setup (projector just showed out of range). Tried the various options - manually entering the resolution / refresh rate etc. Managed to get it working but had to use the glasses upside down, plus got the error about not being in the correct sterescopic mode

    Basically hauled the PC back under the (now roof mounted) projector and used the original VGA cable - everything worked fine

    Going to try different cables now & try and get to the bottom of it - hope this helps someone else

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