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Thread: Video card becomes over 90C

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    Video card becomes over 90C


    Im from holland so il try to do my best on english
    I have a Nvidia geforce 8400GS Vid card Whit no fan at all on the card, only passive blocks (i dont know the name) black blocks. When i dont use the pc my vid card becomes over 90C in seconds and when i start a game (like call of duty modern warfare 2) it becomes over 100C the normal temperature from my card is 40C so this is not normal. What can i do to fix this?

    Operating system: Windows vista home premium x86(32bit)

    greetz codGmer

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    Re: Video card becomes over 90C

    If your video card heats up over about 90C then you really should think about finding a way to cool your pc. I got a 9800GTX and that on idle 65C and heats up on max gaming to 78C and ok i got a desktop pc but thats not bad. My friend has a laptop with standard 8600gt in it and that heats up to 80C on max even after 5+ hours.

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    Re: Video card becomes over 90C

    Thank you for your reply,

    I have a desktop pc to im about to buy the same card but than point of view version whit a fan. That pc is from my sister, the vid card in my own pc is 60C and when i game 70C so thats normal.

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    Re: Video card becomes over 90C

    I think that most of the 8400 GS video card I have seen dont have a fan, hence overheating is the result. If the card is fan equipped riva tuner should also let you adjust the fan speed from the stock 29% to 40% or 60% 40 cooled my 8800gt by 8C without too much additional noise. To help reduce it's heat further you can clean out the case dust, add more case fans , or lower the room temperature by turning on an ac.
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