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Thread: Dell Inspiron 1501 screen issue

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    Dell Inspiron 1501 screen issue

    Yesterday my laptop Dell Inspiron 1501 was working properly, normally off yesterday, but today I am going to turn disaster my laptop and the screen stays black 2 or 3 days before I had my pc hang problem with long beeps impossible to extinguish normally do alt Supreme walking not therefore oblige by turning off/off , so I think the problem may be the ram to my or my graphics card. Please help.

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    Re: Dell Inspiron 1501 screen issue

    I am no expert on this area , but if I had advice for you would take a Mini Display Port - > DVI , then you can connect your MacBook on many screens and / or video projector. Does not the VGA is " old "and limited in resolution. Take an HDMI AC limit yourself to a few television and screen like yours. When an adapter to make a display port , so it can spread to my knowledge that even you can not really use it elsewhere. Otherwise in terms of quality DVI, HDMI or Display Port , I do not think you will see a difference. That is my opinion.

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    Re: Dell Inspiron 1501 screen issue

    The screen comes with three cables : VGA cable already plugged in, and two DVI and DisplayPort in their bags . Unless you are forced there , do not stay on the VGA cable , which transmits an analog signal : although it is possible that all goes well, it is equally possible that parasites may have signs blurry , discolored , or jumps. therefore prefer the DVI or DisplayPort. You can connect the screen to HDMI , which can transmit sound to the image : the screen has an audio output which you can plug headphones or desktop speakers . Apart from this, the HDMI connection does not interest , especially since the cable is not included and costs rather expensive . Of course , if you want to connect an external source other than a computer , as a blu -ray HDMI connection to prevail itself.

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    Re: Dell Inspiron 1501 screen issue

    The removal and installation of LCD screens for laptops is a very simple process that takes only 15 minutes . To begin, all you need is a screwdriver and a sharp object. Click here to see detailed pictures of the process of removal of LCD . Feel free to contact us if you need extra help .
    1. Make sure your laptop is unplugged and the battery is removed .
    2. Locate all the screw - caps on the plastic frame of the screen.
    3. Use a knife or sharp object to remove the screw covers .
    4. Unscrew all the screws under the screw - caps .
    5. Insert your fingers between the plastic frame of the screen and the LCD screen. Start at the bottom of the screen and go around the screen, then remove the plastic casing of the LCD .
    6. Remove the screws on the side of the LCD panel and tilt the LCD forward .

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    Re: Dell Inspiron 1501 screen issue

    You may or may not need a new LCD screen if your screen is dimmed. If your LCD is darkened , it may be because 1) a faulty backlight or 2) a faulty inverter . The backlight comes from the bulb in the LCD of the laptop . The inverter is a separate part of the LCD screen that powers the backlight of the screen. We found that when a laptop LCD screen becomes dark, it is often because of a faulty inverter . Unfortunately, the best way to determine the cause of the darkening of the screen is by process of elimination by trying a new LCD or a new inverter and seeing which method solves the problem. We strongly recommend buying an inverter first as inverters are cheaper than LCDs . LCDs4Less does not sell inverters, but we will be happy to help you find where to acquire them.

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    Re: Dell Inspiron 1501 screen issue

    To adjust the brightness of the LCD hold the Fn key and press several times on the Top arrow to increase the brightness . or maintaining Fn key and press several times on the down arrow to decrease brightness. Connecting the computer to an external monitor , once it is connected hold Fn and press F8. This should display the screen on the external monitor.

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