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Thread: Intel GMA 900 in Windows 7

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    Intel GMA 900 in Windows 7

    The Intel GMA 900 is a very old and low-end integrated graphics. As per Intel the onboard graphic memory is not capable of meeting minimum requirements Aero Glass. And also there is no upcoming WDDM drivers available for the same. But I had seen the old drivers that worked really well on Windows Vista and Windows 7. I am trying to turn on the same on my existing system but it fails. I had seen my friend who has a Vista system and he able to use Aero Glass on it with the same Intel GMA 900 onboard video memory. My doubt is about the RTM version of Windows 7. In which I want to know that will I be able to use Aero Glass on the pc that has GMA 900. Also what driver version will I have to use.

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    Re: Intel GMA 900 in Windows 7

    Rightnow Windows 7 is in in the Beta edition. So there are less chances of having a compatible drivers. But still you can test it. You can install the beta edition and through Windows update you can locate the drivers. Once done you can try turning on the Aero Glass. If you face any error related to the graphic output then it wont work at all. Because here Windows 7 updates are the only option left to get a new updated drivers. And as far as I know the drivers provided by Intel are not always new. There are two things you can do. Wait for the final release of Windows 7 or you can try testing it out on the beta edition.

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    Most of the features related to Windows 7 theming stuff will only work if you are having a good video memory. As far as I know I am quiet sure there wont be much problem. Intel GMA 900 is usually designed to offer you good graphic output. It gives you 333MHz core with the new DirectX 9 hardware acceleration support. So that you can get a bit better graphic output on the same. I am also trying to find the exact answer for the same. But cannot locate any appropriate test solution.

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