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Thread: 4870 X2 10.2 and BSOD

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    4870 X2 10.2 and BSOD

    Following the crash recurring PC when running a 3D application, I installed the latest drivers properly after uninstalling the previous ones. In the catalyst center information tab, the linked adapter (2nd GPU) is no longer visible. Suddenly, I can not run 3D application in full screen because the card only works with the GPU Master. How to reactivate the second GPU? the card be damaged because it was after a crash? Do I flash the bios of the gpu slave? I also have a HD4870X2, and if I do not ride the fan of the GC at least 45% when I play it overheats in less than 5 minutes and the computer crashes. Thank you for your help in Advance.
    My config:
    i7 920
    8GB DDR3
    320 GB DDR 64bit system 7
    Sapphire 4870x2
    P6T Deluxe
    CPU GPU and CM Watercooler. Not overclocking.
    Seven Pro 64bit
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    Re: 4870 X2 10.2 and BSOD

    Download SpeedFan and overheating, so if your proceed with an overclocking if the game is optimized for nvidia so it can be posed problem with ATI cards. You should change anything in SpeedFan if you touched your computer reboots and the fans will resume their normal speed. You should just run the program and it will give you several temperatures consistently the highest is that of your processor. This program is very easy to use do not worry. It allows to adjust the speed of the iMac's fans without opening it all the bios every change is nullified rebooting.

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    Re: 4870 X2 10.2 and BSOD

    Have you updated your motherboard with the latest firmware. I think that by doing that, you still can not run game in full screen. Some games crash and reboot, to make returns UATRE windows with the program has stopped working. I think there is a conflict between the motherboard and graphics card. If you updated your motherboard, a relocation of test driver ATI.

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    Re: 4870 X2 10.2 and BSOD

    You can test the card on another pc? If that cards are working properly that means there is something wrong with the PSU or the cooling. In such conditions I would like to suggest you that you should look for another GPU or the cooling fan. If your cards are not working even on another PC that means there is something wrong with the cards and you will have to replace it. Hope that by doing this troubleshooting you can fix your issue.

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    Re: 4870 X2 10.2 and BSOD

    In addition to the BSOD, from time to time appeared the following messages when you turn on pc :
    CMOS Checksum Error: Bios corruption / battery charging almost
    BIOS ROM Checksum Error - System Halt: refers to the address F0000H-FFFFFH and that is bad (this does not quite understand it x_x)

    To add more data, I attached some of the BSOD coming out :
    STOP 0x00000050
    STOP 0x0000007F
    STOP 0x000000D1
    I tried with another power source (which I use on my pc) and still the errors. Now take a look again to the section of the VGA drivers. Apparently, everything indicates that the motherboard is causing your problems, but I'm still not sure.

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    Re: 4870 X2 10.2 and BSOD

    Have you tried doing and Bios Update? My first impression was that the culprit was the source, but it seems the bios half goes to the issue of erratic voltages. According to my opinion may be the bios update is passed, now you could try is another Hdd regenerator to pass the disc, maybe this when he writes at some q sector is bad, you pull the restart. Check the motherboard capacitors if they are inflated, the grip that the top is rounded and not flat. Check the battery voltage of the bios. Test your cpu in another computer, memories, t video and hard drive.

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