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Thread: RivaTuner doesn't recognize auto fan

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    RivaTuner doesn't recognize auto fan

    Hello friends,

    I am using computer system and having ASUS GeForce GTS 250 graphics card with it. I have also installed RivaTuner functionality in the manage the working of this graphics card. But my problem is that I am not able to activate the auto fan feature with RivaTuner. I don't if there is something problem in RivaTuner or anything else. If you have any solution over this problem, then please let me know that.

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    Re: RivaTuner doesn't recognize auto fan

    According to me your RivaTuner is not properly installed on your system. I suggest you to download new updated setup file for RivaTuner. And then reinstall it on your computer system. After this use the help utility to find-out the 'auto fan' options from RivaTuner. Please try this solution and don't forget you reply me the result of this.

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    Re: RivaTuner doesn't recognize auto fan

    Hi friend,

    I recommend you to try following procedure:
    • First you need to 'power user' functionality.
    • Then select 'RivaTuner' from there and then click over 'Fan'.
    • Then finally you need to select the 'Auto Fan Speed Control' option.

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    Re: RivaTuner doesn't recognize auto fan

    I think you your graphics card doesn't support to the auto fan features. And this the issue that doesn't allow you to use the auto fan functionality. If you want to use this auto fan features, I suggest you to buy new graphics card which are compatible for auto fan functionality. And I think this is the ultimate solution you need to do.

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    Re: RivaTuner doesn't recognize auto fan

    It seems that your RivaTuner is of older version because of that you are not able to use the auto fan utility. To overcome this type of issue, for that you need to install the updated version of the RivaTuner. I was also suffering from same problem with my graphics card, and I did the same thing. Why don't you try this?

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