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Thread: voodoo3 or geforce

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    voodoo3 or geforce

    Hi All,

    I am going to buy graphics card for my PC. But I getting confused between voodoo3 and geforce. Both these are the leading brands in the graphics, so it quite complicated to graphics cards from these two brands. I wonder of you are let em know your opinion over voodoo3 and geforce graphics cards. Your any help over these would be greatly appreciated.

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    Re: voodoo3 or geforce

    Voodoo3 has a series of computer gaming graphics cards that are designing and producing company 3dfx Interactive. It was the successor to high-end cards Voodoo2 and was based on an earlier version Voodoo Banshee. There were several versions of the Voodoo3, cards usually have 16 MB RAM, 128-bit architecture version.

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    Re: voodoo3 or geforce

    The GeForce 2 GTS (NV15) are an evolution of the GeForce 256. They are engraved by a new technique that allows for more functions in one chip operating at a higher speed, all while consuming half as much energy (8W instead of 16W). Moreover, the texturing units are able to calculate two texels simultaneously for each pixel. This allows the GPU of the GeForce 2 GTS to be the first to exceed one billion texels per second calculated.

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    Re: voodoo3 or geforce

    The Voodoo 3 video card is the third release of known graphics cards for pc House California 3dfx.Output at the end of 1998 the board used the Avenger graphics chip, essentially a core Voodoo 2 with a 128-bit 2D video accelerator. Just before the start of the Voodoo 3, incorporating the 3dfx STB Systems at the time one of the largest industries in the world of video cards.

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    Re: voodoo3 or geforce

    The GeForce were the first cards have programmable units. The "programs", named Shaders, Can create an infinite number of effects. Raw power equivalent to that of the GeForce 2 Ultra, the GeForce 3 is distinguished by a variety and quality effects not possible with previous generations. The Geforce 4 Ti (NV25) is an evolution of the Geforce 3. With better control of manufacturing processes, the Geforce 4 Ti is highly rhythmic than his predecessors.

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