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Thread: ATI Tray Tools Won't Run

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    ATI Tray Tools Won't Run

    Hi all,

    I am using Windows Vista. Whenever I try to run ATI Tray Tools it says that it cannot find a Radeon Graphics Card. I have already ATI card in my system. Please suggest how to resolve this issue. Thanks in advance.

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    Re: ATI Tray Tools Won't Run

    ATI Tray Tools latest beta version of amendment Vista Compatibility
    ATI Tray Tools is a regulation for the ATi card free gadget from the hands of the Russians Ram Adams. It can be permanent system tray, right click on ATI graphics card you can easily adjust the settings, such as Direct3D and OpenGL program to change the anisotropic filtering (AF) and anti-aliasing level (AA), adjust image quality, close or open the driver specific options, the core frequency and memory frequency overclocking, etc., is the official alternative to AMD graphics driver control center program.

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    Re: ATI Tray Tools Won't Run

    You need to use ATI Tray Tools Overclocking on this card sharp in his series made many improvements, in part summarized as follows:
    1, fixes the exchange of fire systems in a number of Bug;
    2, update ini files and Vista compatibility, improved Vista System after opening IE7 UAC Browser Compatibility;
    3, add a new hotkey to hide and show tray icon;
    4, support the new antialiasing mode filter;
    5 Three-dimensional detection of DirectX10, etc.;
    6, added a new auto overclocking window, "applies to all game profiles";
    7, support the HD 2xxx/3xxx integrated card overclocking, monitoring and fan control.

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    Re: ATI Tray Tools Won't Run

    You need to use ATI Tray Tools that is a secondary type ATI Graphics optimization tool, can it be more convenient on ATI Card to make a specific setting. Its basic functions and Rivatuner is similar, but its operation, specializing ATI Best graphics card compatibility, and more powerful. All the best.

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    Re: ATI Tray Tools Won't Run

    ATi Radeon series graphics cards ATi Tray Tools Tool Beta multi-language version of For Win2000/XP/ XP-64/2003/2003-64/Vista-32 . nVIDIA BIOS Editor, ATi Tray Tool, is recognized ATI's most powerful third party Graphics enhancement tools, some changes Version of this tool set will be driven As to their drive in order to provide their grade. If you do not like revision drive, then fed The ATI increasingly bloated Drive control panel, then it must want to experience ATI Tray Tools. Check this tool.

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