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Thread: graphics tablets for linux

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    graphics tablets for linux

    Hi experts !!

    I am using linux operating system and need some help regarding the graphics tablets for Linux operated system, I need to try a cheaper A4 graphics tablet ,it doesn't mean Wacom for use with Linux.

    Is there anyone with having experience related to such type of thing in Linux? Any advice would be most welcome!!


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    Graphics tablets for linux

    There are so many Linux based user having such problem and one of them is posted asked me same as you have focused on your problem within the question.

    The strategy is that last section- not expensive.The Wacom’s are costly but having good compatibility with the Linux operating system. What we requires are tablets which can be used for the Wacom drivers but are not Wacom’s – clones, in different manner.

    There is not as like beasts within it according to my opinion. However, there are a couple of alternatives.

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    graphics tablets for linux

    If you don't want to use the Wacom then no problem,you can easily use the A4 graphics tablet for linux based computer system.

    You can get the properties of the Wacom within the linux and it is so much compatible with the linux operating environment.I also use only had this one device for a near of the days, but I think It can provide you the best working experience.Trust Wireless Scroll Tablet TB-4200 (also termed 1200 V2)

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    graphics tablets for linux

    Why not,you can use according to your carried budget and the specification if the device would be described through which you can find the most appropriate for your system.

    The specification of the device would be as follows :

    A4+ (228mm x 304mm) workspace, (compatible). There are 24 function buttons are dedicated for the device operation as (new, open, close, exit, cut, copy etc).
    The activity of the dedicated can be editable , but the first 15 have entitled labels on the button. Power is from the USB cable. Pressure sensitive stylus with editable buttons.The Mouse is provided with scroll wheel. The tablet contains an A4 size transparent overlay through which you can be able to trace the pictures or diagrams. The manufacturers of the device provides the warranty of two-years.

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    Features of the A4 Graphics Tablet in linux

    There are so many features and function are contained within the graphics tablets,and I want to focus that just use it which is compatible with your budget that you have specified,you need the cheaper device.

    First of all , the long arm surface needed to navigate the monitor screen, rather than the little wrist action we use with a mouse surprised me. The positive side of using this device is that this enable you to work with easy to be precise when using a freehand selection tool, clone tool or brushes.And also any tools that you require to be accurate are much simple to use with the stylus than with a mouse.

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