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Thread: Guide me on Gateway HD2201 22" monitor

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    Guide me on Gateway HD2201 22" monitor

    hi friend
    i want to buy new LCD monitor as a gift for my sister. So i have choose new branded Gateway HD2201 22" monitor. It will helpful for the playing music as well as watching movie as well as some other works but i don't any idea about its functionality as well as its features so any one please tell me that some details on Gateway HD2201 22" monitor

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    Re: Guide me on Gateway HD2201 22" monitor

    Basically Gateway HD2201 is a 22'' inch monitor wide screen. It has a such a advance features as well as enhance the productivity of the entertainment. It is look like fabulous. It is totally thin and space-saving design. There has 4 different type of video inputs for the connection of the different features like gaming systems, digital cable, DVD players and more. The monitor provides VGA, DVI, and HDMI connections. So as comparable there are such a views like NEC has bad functionality rather than gateway type of system but as comparably samsung it is parallel with gateway system. With both high-definition and analog inputs, it's simple to connect to all your digital media devices, and High-bandwidth Digital Content Protection.

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    Re: Guide me on Gateway HD2201 22" monitor

    In Gateway HD2201 22" monitor has 22" viewable area. The resolution of the system is around 1680 x 1050 with Maximum vertical frequency 76Hz. It is so fast technology so the response time of the system is Up to 5ms. As well as the brightness of the system 300cd/mē. It look like fabulous because the pixel pitch is 0.282mm. Make sure that it has also some unique features like it use HDCP with some function like 720p HD through DVI-D connection in the system, as well as Picture-in-picture and Soft PIP. The temperature of the operating condition is 5 degrees - 35 degrees C and Humidity: 20% - 80%. There are also some user control options available in system like Power on/off button, EZTouch Onscreen display as well as Touch-sensitive control. Mostly gateway give the 1 year warranty of that system.The Gateway 22-inch HD2201 can be found online for $240.

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    Re: Guide me on Gateway HD2201 22" monitor

    There are some connections options included in the system. These options like DVI, HDMI, and VGA. Make sure that the video connection of the system are easy to the get as well as it also standing right way for the neck of the stand. The native resolution of the system is 1,680 by 1,050 so user who use the system unable to the watch 1080p content without scaling the image. There are some unique features like 2000:1 Contrast Ratio so the system perform better with radiates white whites and black blacks, providing great viewing definition for all your content. You can view copy-protected movies and media, and ensuring that you are future ready to use of the DVI With HDCP,DVI-D with High-bandwidth Digital Content Protection. Finally gateway system also provide some facility like there are also toll free number which can helpful for the queries as well as some technical problem in system.

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    Re: Guide me on Gateway HD2201 22" monitor

    Gateway HD2201 monitor is a designs to meet the energy star of the standard. So due to that type of technology user can easily reduce the energy as well as they also conserve the energy and energy cost. So make sure if you want to reduce energy cost as well as conserve the energy then these type of the system is the best way for that. Whenever you playing any type music as well as whenever you watching any type of movies that time sound is not tinny because that type of system use specific speaker bar which can helpful for the sound function. It has also 4 type of input which can helpful for the gaming technology as well as some player and for the future technology.

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