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Thread: Connecting macbook pro and plasma display

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    Connecting macbook pro and plasma display

    Hello, I want to connect my macbook pro on my apple and my plasma display.

    It is said to be three screens.

    No problem, therefore, to connect my MB Pro on my apple display in DVI, no problem no longer connect to my plasma on my MB Pro via VGA, but how to have everything on it?

    What adapter do I need if possible?

    Thank you

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    Re: Connecting macbook pro and plasma display

    I have some question about the Matrox DualHead2Go.

    -> On the current MacPro (with two video outputs so), can we have the same result as the Matrox DualHead?.

    I'll try to be clearer: I want to get on the Finder, etc., one desktop on both screens, and not a screen where there is the dock, the other nothing.

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    Re: Connecting macbook pro and plasma display

    often use my 37 inch LCD TV as 2nd monitor.

    In the display settings when I began to mirror displays the default active window to full screen on TV.

    In the display settings have you set it to mirror displays, or are you using the 42" plasma as an extended desktop? In the mirror option, it should just default to fill the screen.

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    Re: Connecting macbook pro and plasma display

    Watch out the following vidoe tutorial:

    How to connect a MacBook to a HD TV

    Demonstrates how to connect your Mini Display Port equipped Macbook, MacBook Pro and Mac Mini to a HDMI enabled HD TV. Mini Display Port is the video out port standard on most new Macs. It was introduced on the Mac monohull which was released in 2009.
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    Re: Connecting macbook pro and plasma display

    Use Matrox DualHead2Go

    As its name suggests for English speakers, it is to offer machines with a single output Video can connect two monitors (the famous Dual Head that PCistes found relatively recently) and in this ballad. Indeed the size of him DH2G can be easily carried away in the depths of his bag Portable.

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