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Thread: Any good deals on good video cards around?

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    question Any good deals on good video cards around?

    Hey guys I've been off lately, there's almost no time between job and work and sleep any more but I'm trying to find time. I was wondering if anybody knows like some hidden part of anybody's site that gives some pretty awesome deals on video cards cause ima be looking here soon. would also be awesome if somebody could tell me how to check if i have a pci or pci express or agp port without actually looking in the computer to see. sorry I'm quite lazy ..

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    Re: Any good deals on good video cards around?

    You can search for the differnet sites for the getting good deals on good video cards. You just need to search on the internet. I am having ATI's Radeon 5800 chipsets which I think better that all other video card. It is having 1 GB of GDDR5 onboard and a core clock speed of 850MHz. It support you with the use of DirectX 11. You can use it in your computer. And as you want to know whether your computer contains pci or pci express or agp port then you can look at the Device manager by right clicking on the my computer and properties. Then in device manager look for system devices.

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    Re: Any good deals on good video cards around?

    Galaxy GeForce GTS 250 Video Card - 512MB GDDR3, PCI Express 2.0, Dual Link DVI, HDMI, HDTV, SLI Ready. Certainly not the worst card you could but it's at the low end of PCI-e cards. i have AMD Sempron 3000 + 1.8 ghz, 704 MB ram 64 mb intergrated VIA/S3G Unchrome pro IGP (Shared memory with my ram) and an 80 GB HDD.

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    Re: Any good deals on good video cards around?

    Hi, what's your budget? If you have high budget, get the XFX HD-585A-ZNBC Radeon HD 5850 and this EVGA GeForce 9500 is super good for a decent price. Check these video card deals, you may choose one you want.
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